Energy Bar Machine – Automatic Nutrition Bar Making

admin February 23, 2023
Updated 2023/02/26 at 7:30 AM
Energy Bar Machine
Energy Bar Machine

Automatic Energy Bar forming machine is designed to make bars based on crispy rice, puffed rice, cereals, granolas, nuts, seeds, dry fruits, protein powder, grounded nut powders or energy elements. So the slab bar forming machine can make puffed rice bar, rice crispy/rice krispies, cereal bars, granola bars, muesli bars, nut bars, seed bars, dry fruit bars, protein bars, power bars, peanut bars, sesame snaps, and other energy bars. 

Automatic Energy Bar machine uses slab rolling technology to roll the material mixture into a whole slab with desired height and width, then the slab is cutted by the cross cutting knives to be each uniform sized bar. The complete slab bar making machine includes mixture feeding hopper, double rollers,  double cooling fans, cross cutting unit, conveyor and control box. The cooling fans can be replaced by cooling tunnels for better cooling performance and cooling sticky bars, and the cross cutting unit can be replaced by a bar separating system to separate bars from each other for chocolate coating purpose, this will make the slab bar making machine a fully automatic slab bar machine. 

Complete slab bar line consists of a sugar boiler, material mixer, material lifting conveyor, slab bar forming machine, and packing machine. Fully automatic slab bar line uses full automatic cooking system ( electromagnetism sugar boiler, sugar oil holding tank, sugar sprayer, lifting conveyor and spiral continuous mixer ), and full automatic bar separating system, this depends on customer’s requirements. The packing machine can be a separated unit bar packing machine or a full automatic bar sorting and packaging line. 

The cereal bar forming machine is the ideal equipment for producing cereal bar,muesli bar,granola bar,energy bar,nut bar,seed bar,protein bar,nutrition bar,rice bar,nougat candy bar,and so on.So the cereal bar machine is also muesli bar making machine and granola Energy Bar Plant set up.

Cereal bar making machine Features:
1.The complete cereal bar line is a fully automatic line with PLC control system.

2.The line adopts German technology with highest performance.

3.The line is multifunctional,it can make cereal bars,nuts bars,seeds bars,energy bars,protein bars,etc.

4.The line can be perfectly connected with the chocolate enrobing line for making chocolate bars. 

Customer service

1.Free assembling and installation,free operation and training.

2.12months quality warranty since the date of installation.Whole life services.

3.During warranty,all maintenance and damaged spare parts for free.After warranty,all charges with cost price.

4.Support 24hours hotline service,as well as email and video communications.

Engineer is always available for customers’ machine adjustment and maintenance if required.

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