5 Website Visuals to attract Visitors and increase Organic Traffic

admin August 18, 2022
Updated 2022/08/18 at 6:30 PM
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Eyes and visuals go together and are each other’s best friends. The same thing happens when a visitor visits your website. They scan the images at a glance while everything becomes vague in front of the pictures. Our eyeballs gaze at pictures more often than text or any magical on-site effect. Science is simple: our brains tend to process images 60,000x times more than text. It takes roughly 13 milliseconds to absorb the entire visual at one glimpse. The 1/100th of a second’s speck is what it takes for a depiction to impress us.

Hence, drawings and eloquent illustrations are crucial parts of a website. Or their civil versions, photographs, are vital if one wishes for higher user engagement and web traffic. Therefore, it is in people’s best interest to go with web design services that provide painterly stimuli for their websites. You can try everything and different recipes to add driving forces, but the visual scenes maintain the momentum.

So, how many eye candies are there that trigger our senses with delights of imagination? Also, illustrations that sway visitors to stay for extended periods, and finally, join the family – become customers. Well, there are boatloads of them, and we cannot include all of them. However, some of them are the highlights to capture the spotlight and eyes of people. They are as follows:

1. A Website Theme

An inspiring setting, its theme, and salient eloquence elements are crucial in the first place. The theme enables people to dream to their fullest — everything lively blooms from there. WordPress, Squarespace, and ThemeForest all provide a variety of site compositions based on the nature of your business. Various themes are available, including architectural, minimal, abstract, landscape, space, corporate, oceanic, and more.

Keep in mind that WordPress themes are the best and respond more quickly to various website features. We heartily propose the well-known WPs Astra, OceanWP, Divi, Ultra, SeedProd, Hestia, Spencer, and Indigo.

2. A Welcoming Home Page

Next comes the entrance of your website. It is like the front door of your house. Someone rings the bell, and you ought to say hello and invite them into your dwelling in the most gracious manner. Similarly, your site’s first page is the leading impressionist, and it’s the only entertainer that makes or breaks your website. So, it should be a good one or even better. We highly recommend you purchase professional web design company UK and US companies endorse.

3. Brand Logo

Undeniably, the most honorable and “love at first sight” is the trademark deep-seated atop the website. Logos come in all shapes and sizes, even more than different types. Thanks to graphic software tools enabling digital artists with prowess in logo designing. Your website’s symbol should melt the hearts, steal eye-winking ability, and make people gasp in admiration.

Furthermore, a logo is a doorway to other visual eye luxuries. If it’s good, everything to come next is better – and finer. Besides, logos are special emblems that promise more eye-catching eloquence than its afterglows.

4. Imagery

From inspiring images to product pictures to enlightening artworks to edifying abstract drawings, it’s all in the box. Ensure every effigy or diagram portrays things in the most brilliant way possible. High-quality pictures and other apparent drawings that stir imagination and creativity levels are ideal.

We advise you to hire graphic designers to craft your original art pieces. You can use stock images, but they’re not sharp enough to register encouragement in the onlooker’s mind. You will be fortunate to find high-definition imagery lying on stock image platforms.

5. Striking Colors

Websites lacking the vibrancy of vivid tones and hues go pale and appalling in the eyes of the viewer. Therefore, lively colors and popular pigments can recover your internet site in the most revitalizing way possible. Use primary, secondary, and tertiary colors that suit your platform and business niche. Be sure the pods in your color palette are going through a spring season, with colors dotted like a bouquet of colorful flowers.

Other top 5 website visuals that could’ve made on our list today are:

  • Ad Banners
  • Animations
  • Videos
  • Web Page Transitions
  • CTA/PPC Prompts
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