Economic benefits of e-car charging stations for businesses

admin February 22, 2023
Updated 2023/02/22 at 8:41 AM

The time for electrification is here. If you wait for electric car charging stations to be installed on your property, you will miss out on the benefits of electric car charging  (rebates and tax credits) and the many financial benefits that electric car charging stations offer. The EV market is growing rapidly, and countless agencies want to support that expansion by offering businesses discounts on EV charging up to 100 percent of the total cost of  EV chargers and installation without telling when they’ll end. So what are the financial benefits of EV charging stations for businesses? Read on to find out the top 10 benefits and how you can grow your business with commercial EV charging. 

1. To attract customers.

EV drivers need charging points and have to wait until the batteries run out. Your business is an ideal place for your customers (who are usually wealthy) to visit and spend time. The more time spent in business, the more likely he will spend money. 

2. Increase customer loyalty. 

As you probably know from the headlines, customers abandon a brand and choose another regardless of the product or service, instead choosing who to patronize based on the company’s values. When consumers see electric car chargers on your property, they perceive your business as sustainable and socially responsible. You will see more customers looking for repeat business. 

3. Stand out from the competition. 

Offer amenities your competitors don’t. Electric car owners protect their businesses from competitors by offering them an electric car charging station where they can plug their cars into the grid. Meanwhile, your competitors seem to be just as sustainable or environmentally conscious as your company. 

4. Put your company on the map. 

public EV chargers are listed on EV charging station maps (ChargeHub, PlugShare, OpenChargeMap) and are a great way to attract people to your business. Whether you have something to sell or not, an EV driver will easily find your business and may learn more about it or decide to patronize it. 

Some EV charger manufacturers also allow you to customize each power station with your company’s branding, which can further increase your company’s visibility. 

5. attract and retain talent. 

Workplace charging attracts top professionals looking for a place to charge away from home. While it may be true that not all of your employees are EV owners, the situation is changing and you should be keeping up with demand rather than catching up.

At the same time, employees will be attracted to your company and remain loyal, regardless of whether they are electric car drivers or not. Several workplace studies have shown that employees want to work in a place that supports their values ​​and is committed to being environmentally friendly. 

6. Increase the value of your property. 

Studies have shown that more than 50 percent of apartment renters are interested or would not rent without green amenities. According to a report, home prices near EV charging stations are 2.6 times higher than elsewhere in the country. 

7. Create a source of additional income. 

You can increase your income by making every charger in your electric car charging system a public charging station. You can still keep them free for your employees, customers, or tenants and charge everyone else.

8. Capture carbon dioxide emissions. 

A carbon dioxide credit is a permit corresponding to one ton of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere. Companies can buy carbon dioxide emissions to offset their greenhouse gas emissions or sell the surpluses they collect. When you have electric car charging stations, you reduce your carbon footprint because your employees reduce fossil fuels and greenhouse gases by driving to and from work in carbon-free vehicles. 

9. To achieve the goals of sustainable development. 

EV chargers can help you achieve  Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification or other green building certifications. Electric vehicle chargers can also help commercial facilities meet internal or corporate sustainability goals. 

10. Reinforce the image of the company as sustainable and innovative. 

Electric cars charging stations are one of the best marketing tools. The public will see them when they visit or drive by your business. Electric vehicle charging stations show consumers that you care about air pollution levels and air quality in your community, the growth of electric vehicle infrastructure, and the advancement of your technology. 

As an added bonus, if your company invests in charging stations for electric cars, you help support the introduction of electric vehicles and clean traffic. For the US to have the EV infrastructure to support the demand for EV ownership (US EV sales are projected to grow from 85,000 in 2022 to approximately 4.7 million in 2030), more workplaces and businesses need to install EV charging. stations with their functions. You will help fill a major gap in electric car charging infrastructure and increase the likelihood that your employees will purchase an electric car. Research has shown that employees are six times more likely to choose electric vehicles if their company offers electric car charging. 

commercial EV charging stations are also more affordable than most business leaders realize. Incentives can significantly lower the final price for  EV chargers and installation, but when it comes to workplace charging, offering EV charging for employee convenience costs about the same as offering coffee service. 

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, now is the time to invest in electric car charging. We’ll soon see more electric cars and more conventional vehicles on the road, so it’s not really a matter of if, but when.  The reason to act now is that you want to take advantage of EV charging discounts before they end or are no longer offered, and start taking advantage of the financial benefits of EV charging now instead of waiting.

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