Agriculture Chemical Pesticides are Essential for Crop Protection

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Agriculture Chemical Pesticides

What are Agricultural Pesticides?

Agricultural Pesticides are the type of chemicals that farmers or agro companies manufacture and sale to protect crops against pests. Some of the most common pesticides include herbicides for killing weeds, fungicides for getting rid of diseases and insecticides for killing insects and pests.

We use pesticides in agriculture protection programs to protect plants from pests, weeds , diseases. These also maintain non-agricultural areas like public urban green areas and sports grounds.

Role of Agro chemical companies in India

India is primarily a country of farmers where more than 60% population is directly or indirectly dependent on the income from agriculture. Besides, India has a massive population of 140 cr. Therefore, it’s natural that farming plays a very important role in the country’s economy. 

These companies help farmers by bringing innovative products and solutions that lead to increased revenue, reduced losses due to pest attacks on crops, bring down investment in crop production and overall efficiency of Indian farmlands. They produce high-quality products to scale up the agricultural industry through technological intervention. If the farmers get the best products and tools, they can make an informed decision using technical input and the right technology.

To protect our crops from pests and other harmful insects, we need agrochemicals manufacturers in India to meet the demands of today’s agriculture. Farmers of this country look eagerly towards agrochemical companies in India, hoping they will help formulate, develop, commercialize and deliver affordable and accessible crop protection solutions that satisfy them.

 Responsibilities of agrochemicals manufacturers in India

Although the best agro chemical company in India has a job to contribute to the National mission of doubling farmers, they also have a bigger responsibility to keep their products safe. Agrochemical companies manufacture pesticides that add to the growth, yield and quality of crop production. However, pesticides are known to adversely affect the health of the human being in not used as detailed in Direction for Use which is available with every Pesticide unit bought by the farmers. Thereby farmers are always encouraged to go through the instruction manual before use of any Pesticide for safety of their crops and also mammals.

Pesticides have multiple uses in farmlands, public health schemes, and urban green areas to protect plants and humans from various diseases. 

However, the best agro chemical compan in India has adopted a more sustainable and ecological approach. As a result, it has produced many innovative ideas, agriculture reforms and sustainable food production practices evolving into food sovereignty. There is no doubt that today India needs the implementation of a new agricultural concept regarding food production, which is safer for people and the environment.

Which are the different types of agriculture chemical pesticides?

Chemical pesticides are mainly of four types. Let’s learn about the different types of pesticides through this article.

Organochlorine Pesticides

It’s the most popular type of pesticide. Its chemical name is dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, or DDT, short. However, its uncontrolled use in the fifties and sixties raised many environmental and human health issues. Some other organochlorines used as pesticides are Dieldrin, endosulfan, heptachlor, dicofol, and methoxychlor.

DDT is a ubiquitous chemical, and according to a popular assumption, every living organism on earth possesses a DDT body burden, mainly in fat. It is also used as a solution for certain solvents. However, few countries still use DDT or plan to reintroduce it for public health purposes. DDT is banned in India for manufacturing since 1972.

Organophosphorus Pesticides

Organophosphates were initially promoted as a better alternative to organochlorines. It includes a large variety of pesticides, the most common being Glyphosate. It is incidentally one of the most widely used herbicides in agriculture especially after introduction of glyphosate-tolerant crops, such as certain genetically modified versions of soybean and maize. The other pesticides in this category are malathion, parathion, and dimethoate.  

Carbamate Pesticides

Pesticides like aldicarb, carbofuran, and ziram belong to this class of chemical pesticides. Many of which are banned in India due to environmental and human hazards.

Other Categories of Chemical Pesticides

Pesticides such as atrazine, simazine, and ametryn, are other classes of chemical pesticides that are also used in farming. However, synthetic pyrethroids, like fenvalerate, permethrin, and sumithrin, are considered safer insecticides in comparison to pre-dated types of pesticides.

Undoubtedly, our country needs pesticides to increase crop production, but public health cannot be compromised. Therefore, the thrust should be more on producing good quality pesticides that aren’t harmful to mammals.

Mankind Agritech 

Mankind Agritech pledges to introduce quality crop protection chemicals (Pesticides) to Indian farmers that are being developed using the latest IPM technologies, are safer to human life , standards are maintained as in European and American countries and are affordable to Indian farmers with easy accessibility.

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