8 Key Questions You Should Not Miss When Booking a Wedding Venue

admin February 2, 2023
Updated 2023/02/02 at 9:14 AM

One of the most essential things in wedding planning checklist is to book the perfect venue. The hunt should begin early and match your wedding style. However, finding THE venue which makes you feel tingly and connected is not easy. Either the location is not great or the facilities are limited. Hence, we have drafted the ten significant questions that you need to ask your venue manager before the final booking.

1.     What are the rates for booking the venue?

You can begin the task by searching reception facilities near me. Do not hesitate to ask the pre-booking amount. How should you be sending the advance payment for booking? Also ask in case of cancellation, what would be the refund amount, etc. Make detailed inquiries about whether or not service charges, cleaning payment etc are included in it.

2.   Do you take other bookings for the venue on the same day?

Ensure whether or not yours will be the only event for that day at that venue. In case other events are lined up, the situation gets chaotic and ugly. Time for accessing the venue would be limited and guests will have to be escorted out at time etc. Ask how much it will cost to rent the space for the whole day.

3.   What styling options do you offer?

If you are planning a chic and elegant wedding, grand banquets like Azul reception hall can be a fantastic option. You can decorate with ceiling lights, drapes and linen that will match the theme of your wedding. In-house event planners can help you through the process. You can simply state your preferences regarding theme, color selection, flowers and linen. Couples can also have their own venue stylists arrange things accordingly.

4.   What does the wedding venue cover?

Ask what does your wedding venue covers. Several wedding venues in Houston tx often include catering, decorating, security and even event planners. In case those are not covered, you will have to book the vendors separately. Confirm beforehand if the venue staff would be helping in setting up the event. There needs to be proper coordination between your vendors and staff. What time will the florists and decorators start? At what time will you have to end the event? Make sure you have all the information before you book the venue.

5.   How many guests can be accommodated?

Make enquiries regarding the accommodation of the venue. The space should be big and comfortable enough for all your guests. Will the common areas be available to organize smaller events? Is the venue pet friendly? All these questions should be asked before you finalize a venue. Ask the manager if the venue will be available for pre-wedding shoot or post wedding ceremonies. Make proper inquiries about availability of rooms for accommodating guests and the tariff.

6.   Do you offer any extra facilities?

These are some very important things to consider while choosing a venue. Does the venue provide extra heaters or coolers? What are the charges? Depending on the time of the year, you might be in need of either of these. Some of the best wedding venues in Houston offer alternative arrangements in case you are planning an outdoor wedding and the weather changes badly. Is the venue easily accessible for differently-able people? Is valet parking available? Are there any extra charges for it? What are the parking facilities available?

7.   Is transportation included within booking charges?

In case your venue does not offer rooms, your guests will have to stay at nearby places. Make sure the commute is easy. You do not want your guests to be stuck in traffic for long. Does the venue have any facilities to bring the couple? What are the car options available to bring you and your partner to the venue? Wedding days are stressful and there is no way you want to walk to your venue. If you search ‘reception facilities near me’, venues like Azul reception hall provides plenty of facilities.

8.   What are the options in food and beverages?

In weddings, food is one of the items that everyone looks forward to. State your desired cake flavor while you are booking the venue. Ask for a catalogue which can help you settle on a design. Several Wedding venues in Houston txoffer multiple choices in cuisine – Mexican, Italian, Continental etc. Taste the wine or cocktails beforehand So, these are the top eight questions you should ask before finalizing on any venue. As per your need, there might be a few more such as – production staff, parking, BYOB, timeline etc. The foremost thing is to calm your nerves and find what you are seeking for. Best of luck!

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