Will I lose YouTube video likes over time?

admin January 17, 2023
Updated 2023/01/17 at 4:39 PM

YouTube has always been open about its dislike for phony YouTube accounts. Perhaps YouTube took those likes from your videos because they were from YouTube accounts built solely to increase your YouTube video interaction through likes, watch time, or subscriptions. The good news is that these deleting YouTube likes have been brought to YouTube’s notice, and it has become an acknowledged YouTube issue. It is aware that there is a difference in likes count between watch pages and your YouTube account so it may resolve this issue soon. If bot likes and views are detected, YouTube will remove them. The likes count might fall if a user’s account is restricted or removed.

How does YouTube consider likes and views?

Views, likes, dislikes, and subscribers on YouTube indicate how often your content or profile has engaged. These metrics can be an essential indicator of the overall reputation of your content or feed. YouTube wants to ensure that your statistics are of excellent quality and are generated by humans rather than computer programs. It takes time for their systems to determine which views, likes, dislikes, and subscriptions are authentic. If you’re watching your published content, you may use YouTube Analytics to track your views more precisely. Remember that Real-time activity represents predictions of possible view traffic. It may differ from the number displayed on the homepage.

When does YouTube remove any Video?

The three primary reasons why YouTube remove any video are as follows:

  1. Copyright infringement

Copyright permits a content creator to own their work and decide what, why, and who can use it. YouTube protects the rights of the originator and publisher of the content by deleting videos that break that copyright.

  • Inappropriate content

Offensive content might also include pornographic or violent content. YouTube will most likely remove a video with this type of content. It’s also worth noting that any unlawful behaviour, such as child prostitution, will be reported to law enforcement in addition to the video being removed.

  • Violation of terms and conditions

Above covered reasons are also a part of the violation of terms and conditions; however, here are more uncommon infringements that YouTube restricts.

  • Spreading hatred
  • Unsafe content
  • Cyberbullying, Risk, and Provocation
  • Unethical content
  • Hacking
  • Privacy infringement

Why do YouTube video likes count falling?

YouTube will remove likes that they believe are fake. Some fans’ accounts have even been suspended because they watch a short video and then leave a like. YouTube assumes they are either a computer or someone providing phony views/likes. Because of the large number of false likes and shares, YouTube altered its algorithm for determining likes. It is stated that only actual high-quality videos can earn more YouTube likes. You may check that by heading to your ‘liked videos’ collection, and you will see that the clip you liked (but subsequently undid) is still there. So, even if it removes your like, it is still considered.

YouTube opted to conceal the dislike score from the public in late 2021; the website may try a similar shift for likes on videos. Several YouTube users have rushed to online platforms to complain about the lack of a like count in the regular spot, which has since been relocated to the source article. It appears that YouTube does not want to hide likes completely, like it did dislikes, but rather to make them more difficult to find than before. Likes are typically displayed directly beneath the video. All of the reports found appear to be for YouTube’s mobile edition. We haven’t seen anyone report this on PC or devices like Smart TVs.

Conclusion YouTube may be removing your likes for several reasons, including algorithm changes, policy changes, or technical issues. YouTube does not remove videos simply because they were posted long ago, despite how often they are seen. As long as your videos do not violate the Terms of Service, they should remain online in the long run. YouTube occasionally removes subscribers from your subscription feed who aren’t viewing or participating in your YouTube videos, so it knows which likes are genuine and which are phony, which could also be a problem.

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