Why hand dryer and Benefits of Installing Air Hand Dryers?

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We always think twice before investing in things. We wonder why and if we should invest a hefty amount into gadgets which will make our life easier and better.

With emerging technology and everything integrated with technology, life has become easy and efficient. One of such gadgets is a hand dryer. They have many great features, are user-friendly, and are much more efficient than the traditional hand wash methods.

The new generation of hand dryers are better at hygiene too

When we get technology into something there will always be a Vs of these things, is paper towels which are replaced by these hand dryers are still better than dryers or not. Many researchers research these topics. And some claim that hand dryers spread bacteria more than paper towels.

Many clinics have thoroughly gone through all these studies and concluded that both these methods, like paper towels and hand dryers, are hygienic according to the studies.

But if we talk about facts and proven studies. Bacterias are those microorganisms that are found in every single thing. And mostly in restrooms. An improperly kept sanitation can give a home to these bacteria.

Hand Dryers which are automated bring a safer environment by reducing the spread of cross-contamination and germs. When we talk about the latest models, they have in-built antimicrobial technology, which restricts the growth of bacteria, fungus, and molds. The new filtration which is integrated with the latest hand dryer is said to remove pathogens from the air too.


Schools are said to be the most renovated building of all times, as they need to keep themselves upgraded and updated. When parents pay a great amount to the school they want all the latest amenities in the school so that their child gets everything best.  Every school makes sure they are equipped with sustainable and energy-efficient technology.

One such technology is hand dryers. Though it is a small segment, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration.

The  list of some of the issues you should think about before installing the hand dryers are

  1. The age of the children

Kids which younger may get vulnerable to noise, so getting a kid’s friendly hand dryer is suggested

  1. Reliability

To avoid vandalism

  1. Low noise hand dryers

 The closeness of these hand dryers in classrooms and libraries

  1. Reducing absenteeism

 Hand dryers that reduce cross-contamination will help you keep the children hygienic and there will be less absenteeism

  1. Fast drying

No child will wait longer to let their hand dry, so fast hand drying is very much needed. Wet hands are prone to get infected easily.

  1. Energy efficiency

Investing in low missing equipment can help you save energy and help keep the environment safe and secure. If the schools get energy-efficient hand dryers, it will also mean they’ll have a less annual cost of it leading to budget control.

  1. Budget

You’ll be needing a good return on investment, so going through a few options before getting yourself one is very important.


When we talk about public places which offer restroom facilities to the people, they need to be hygienic and clean. We all know how easily people just go in and out. They want their hands to be dry when they come out, but to use a paper towel and make sure it is thrown right in the garbage bin is difficult.

Though paper towels are useful, they are very harmful and a waste. If this is the only option you are giving to your customer, try giving them a hand dryer instead. These dryers will help you save thousands of bucks.

Types of hand dryers

With upgrades in every sector and industry. The manufacturers and designers of hand dryers have brought a great variety for the consumers, solving all their prior complaints.


The traditional hand dryers come with a button installed in them, which needs to be pressed every time one wants to get their hard dried. This usually takes about 40-45 seconds to dry the hands. These are the most affordable hand dryers available on the market.

These hand dryers are affordable, take a bit longer than other hand dryers, are not necessarily hygienic as buttons need to be pressed, and even use more energy comparatively.


Traditional hand dryers take more time than paper towels. Which made the manufacturers come in with high-speed hand dryers. These dryers take up to 15 seconds and are more convenient for the users to use. These dryers use less energy comparatively making them more energy saving. The disadvantages of these dryers are that they make lots of noise, and are more expensive than traditional dryers.


With hygiene being the issue in traditional and high-speed hand dryers as a button needs to be pressed. The manufacturer brought automated hand dryers that work with sensors. They work when they feel something in the range of their sensor. They turn on and off automatically with the help of their sensor.

This is a great hygienic product as the user does not need to touch it to get their hands dried. They don’t; ’t work longer than needed, whereas in traditional and high-speed dryers they keep on until the timer doesn’t go off. This results in less energy consumption. They are the most expensive ones out there.


These commercial hand dryers are great for users, buyers, and even the environment. You’ll save thousands on paper towels and won’t need much cleaning. Public places and places with high-end commitments are expected to have these hand dryers for a great customer or visitor experience. You can choose anyone who is suitable for your place of installation and fits well in your budget. These hand dryers will save you money in the long run. And even helps you maintain your hygiene standards.

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