Why choose IGCSEs/International GCSEs?

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As the children enter their last years of study, all want them to have strong roots. Whether it’s A-Levels, the IB Diploma, AP, or the national curriculum of your home or host country. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a comprehensive program that trains individuals for future study in any country.

Definition of IGCSE:

The IGCSE is based on the GCSE curriculum of the United Kingdom, however, it has been updated for a more international student community. Exams are used to assess students, and they are administered by the school’s decision of the exam board. Around 70 disciplines, including 30 languages, are available.

The goal is to be as welcoming to students from a diverse range of language origins as feasible. As a result, they can keep studying their mother tongue. In several topics, the IGCSE allows for different levels of skill by presenting both Core and Extended curriculum papers.

Basic Skills English and Maths:

The number of times you have to sit for exams in a year is determined by the awarding body you choose. CAIE exams, for example, are held in the sixth and eleventh months of the year, whereas Edexcel exams are held in the first and sixth months. Students must take two IGCSE English tests and two IGCSE Maths exams.

IGCSEs are accepted by several higher education institutions and businesses. IGCSE Maths online classes can be subscribed to. You will have an advantage in three ways. To begin, you must cultivate mathematics knowledge as a habitual skill. Second, you will be better equipped for higher education.

Third, you gain an understanding of the connection between numbers and structures, as well as problem-solving and interpretation abilities. All of the following benefits can be obtained by studying Algebra and GCSE Maths Online.

IGCSE English is aimed at natural English speakers who want to improve their confidence when speaking and writing in the language. Students’ vocabulary and grammatical abilities will also grow.

Before enrolling in Level 2 English and Maths, check with the institution to see if they accept it. You will benefit from distance learning and will not be required to take final examinations. You will be given a list of assignments to complete until you demonstrate your competence to enroll. You will be given NOC to exit the course after you have reached the competence levels.

Impact of IGCSE on Career choices

Choosing IGCSE subjects is a crucial issue for all students because it can influence a student’s future career choices.

IGCSEs, or International GCSEs, allow students to choose a course that emphasizes and builds their academic skills and capabilities in preparation for a professional path in a specific sector.

In the United Kingdom, children study six to nine IGCSE courses over the course of two academic years. They include a wide range of subjects, covering English Language and Literature, Math, one or more Sciences (or single or double Science), one or more humanities (Geography and/or History), and a foreign language (French, Spanish and German being the most popular). In the digital world, computer science is also famous.

We recommend that your child begins with at least five topics, with English Language and Maths as the first two options. Please remember that students are encouraged to select a variety of courses that they are interested in for extra subject options. There are no mandatory requirements for these.

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