Top Five Grocery Delivery Apps in India

admin September 30, 2022
Updated 2022/09/30 at 10:58 AM

Food is a necessary thing for all, we purchase grocery items daily, but for this, we have to go to the market and bring it its quite wasting of time as well as money because now the time has changed

We have grocery delivery apps it can deliver your grocery items on time and also give rewards or cashback.

The main reason why grocery delivery apps are in demand in India.

  • Purchase multiple items in one place
  • No need to search location for a store.
  • Easy to browse through wide stuff with just one swipe
  • Get maximum offers and cashbacks.
  • Safe & Secure Payment Options
  • Easy to pick up and deliver items to your doorstep on time.

Top five grocery delivery apps in India.

  1. Big basket the best grocery delivery app.

Big basket came into existence in 2011. It has around a 99.5 % success rate in delivering products on standard time & if they cannot deliver a product on standard time, they return 10% cashback as compensation. 

If you are worried about the freshness of the farm products, then no need to worry about it; they deliver those items directly from the farms to maintain their freshness.

Big basket has multiple payment options; you can use cash on delivery or debit/credit card, upi or net banking to complete your payment.

Big basket is available in 7 languages in the market, so it is quite easy for the users to understand and use the app.

Big basket provides the best return policies; if you do not like the product quality, then you just. 

Go on return options & place a return request; they will not ask any questions regarding the product and why you are returning the product, so thats why big basket is an excellent grocery delivery apps in India.

  • Dmart ready

Mr. Radhakrishnan Damani established the company DMart in 2002. Damani is one of the famous personalities in the Indian equity market. 

On January 10, 2017, Avenue Supermarts Ltd. (ASL) founded Dmart Ready. Dmart has its main office in Mumbai.

India’s famous grocery brand Dmart is available as Dmart Ready on the google app store.

Dmart ready offers two types of delivery options to its customers;

  • Self-Pick-Up:

 In this case, the customer can place an oder with the help of the app and pick it up by themselves, save delivery charges & get their stuff at the nearest dmart store. 

  • Home Delivery:

In this option, customers can place an order with the app and select the date and time the product will deliver at their given time, but this customer has to pay extra delivery charges.

Customers can get fresh dairy products like milk, paneer, and curd near the dmart store.

Like its offline store, the DMart Ready app offers minimum prices and discounts for various products. 

One of the DMart Ready app’s core qualities is its simplicity. Like its offline stores, the DMart app has become a prevalent grocery delivery app in India.

  • Amazon pantry

The biggest e-commerce company in the world launched Amazon Pantry, an online grocery delivery service in India.

Customers from India can access the category on their official website and mobile app. 

To compete with its rivals, Amazon launched its grocery delivery service in India, the second-largest market for its e-commerce services after the United States.

Amazon Pantry has quickly reached out to its customers, having amassed millions of online shoppers on its site. 

Amazon’s Grocery service has already begun to draw a lot of attention from Indian customers thanks to exclusive deals on particular brands of products. 

The platform’s main benefit is that it is absent from other businesses and offers products throughout India.

Main Features:

 •Easy to use the option of purchase.

 • A large Number of categories.

 • Multiple no. of Payment Modes.

  • Flipkart supermart

One of the greatest grocery delivery apps is Flipkart’s groceries, which is currently receiving much attention. 

Flipkart, a reputable brand, is associated with Flipkart Supermart and is one of the main reasons to trust it. Of course, it offers many cashback rewards.

You can get all your grocery needs at Flipkart Supermart, including cereals, plants, dairy, and other goods.

Flipkart is expanding its physical presence in many locations in addition to its online presence, so you have the choice of having food delivered to your door or picking them up from the store.

The buy now, pay later option is yet another excellent choice you have here. Now consumers can select credit cards to make grocery purchases and pay them off later. Of course, you also acquire high-quality goods here.

  • Grofers

With Grofers, you can virtually go food shopping and deliver it to your door. You can purchase electronics, flowers, bakery goods, and home care products.

Many retailers are offering the goods and will deliver them simultaneously. You can now place an order from a shop six kilometers from your current location.

Additionally offered are items for pets, cosmetics, fresh produce, and babies. Within 80 minutes of the order time, they will deliver these things from nearby stores.

This app is convenient for working mothers, family members, and seniors. Grofers is a user-friendly app that is divided up into various categories. Using the app help grocery shopping easily.

They use cardboard boxes or eco-friendly bags to deliver the goods. You might observe that growers might switch out your product with a different brand if it isn’t available in the store.

Grofers provides fantastic deals and coupon reductions. Growers are available for iOS and Android.

In India, Grofers received a fantastic reaction during the Covid-19 pandemic. It increased its profit margin and provided clients with prompt delivery in times of need.


Today’s world is full of tough competition in every field grocery delivery app is one of them; if you want to keep your business ahead, you need a mobile app. 

Do you also want to develop a grocery delivery app for your business or store, then you need an expert who can fulfill your desire or dream project with an excellent solution at a minimum cost.

For this we suggest JPLoft solutions that is one of the best grocery delivery app development company offering the world-class solution; they have 10+ years of experience in the same field and have completed 100+ projects, so they will help you to complete your dream project.  If you need more information, then you can directly contact us.

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