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Tattoo Supplies

There are many important aspects for you to consider when running a successful shop, whether you are an emerging tattoo artist looking to open a new shop or a veteran tattoo artist with already-established customers. In an industry where there is so little room for error, even the slightest upgrade can make a lasting impact on a customer’s opinion of your shop.

Best Tattoo Supplies for Every Studio

Regardless if someone visits your shop for their first or their fifty-first tattoo, their decision to come to your shop was likely not spur of the moment, and they chose you for a reason. You want to do everything you can to ensure your customers leave your shop proud and excited to show off their new permanent art. The proper equipment and tools will go a long way toward giving your customers the experience and final result they want.

To help ensure that each of your customers leaves satisfied, check out these tattoo supplies that are a must-have in every shop to help you do your best work in a safe and comfortable environment:

1. Tattoo Machine

Among the list of many things you need to start a tattoo shop, one of the key pieces of equipment at the center of your operation is a tattoo machine. Choosing the right machine for you and your business is important, as that piece of equipment is what allows you to create tattoo art.

There are many aspects to a tattoo machine for you to consider before making a purchase. When looking at tattoo machines, the first thing to know is that there are three different versions one for lining, black or gray shading and coloring. Each of these devices comes in various materials, the most common being copper, steel, iron and aluminum.

On top of considering the purpose and outer material of your tattoo machine, another thing to think about is the inner mechanics of the machine. While the two most common are rotary and coil machines, there is also one that combines the mechanics of the two, called a pneumatic tattoo machine. While each type of machine has the same overall function, each one has its own benefits and can impact your tattooing differently. Your skill level and previous tattooing experience are a few of the factors to think about when making your purchase.

2. Adjustable Tattoo Chair

While the tattoo machine you choose to invest in depends on your preferences as the artist, the tattoo chair is something you should choose with your customer in mind. Since your client may be in the chair for long periods of time depending on the size and detail of the tattoo, you want the chair to be comfortable throughout the process.

On top of considering your customer’s comfort, you should also consider the chair’s ability to recline and move, so you can work at different angles and positions. You want a chair that supports and stabilizes your client with arm and leg rests while allowing you to work from the different angles you may need.

Another aspect of the chair you need to look at is the material of the chair you want. Pick something with a leather top that is easy to clean and sanitize. If your clients can see that you have a chair made from easy-to-clean material, they are more likely to have a higher impression of your studio’s sanitization practices and overall cleanliness.

3. Power Supplies

Although some (wireless) tattoo machines can run off their own power, most work when you have a secondary power supply to deliver power to your tattoo machine. This allows your machine to run at its best, helping control the electricity for the power device to your machine. This is imperative because it helps secure your machine from receiving unregulated voltage.

Your tattoo machine will have a recommended voltage range you should follow, which will help you decide what power supply will suit your shop best. Determine how many tattoo machines your studio needs and choose a power supply that supports the number of units you need simultaneously.

4. Foot Pedals

Foot pedals are an essential extension to your tattoo machine, as they control the vertical movement of the needle. Some foot pedals require constant pressure to keep the needle moving, while others have a switch to turn the machine on and off.

5. Tattoo Needles

Browsing the six different needle types and remembering each of their functions can be overwhelming when it comes to tattooing. However, having a solid understanding of each needle is important to your success, as the needle type and size you choose can help define and solidify your style. Listed below are the six basic needle types and how each are used. Read on to help determine which needles you need for your practice.

6. Tattoo Ink

After choosing your tattoo machine and the needles you will need, you also have to consider the tattoo ink you want to use in your shop. It is important for you to think about housing a variety of ink sets and brands with multiple colors and pigments so your client has a wide range of options.

Having many ink options expands your ability to appeal to a broader range of clients and practice giving numerous tattoo styles. Different types of ink gives you the opportunity to work with multiple colors and can help you grow into your style as an artist. Experiment with inks that have different pigments and consistencies until you find what works best for you and your tattoo style.

There are various brands of ink that you should check out before deciding on what to carry in your shop, each one a quality option with unique advantages. For example, Electrum Ink, formulated for easy use, has superior brightness and excellent heals. Another option is Eternal Ink, which is a premium tattoo ink with individual bottles or full sets of bright colors. Alternatively, Dynamic offers premium black and white inks perfect for blending to get the perfect depth, detail and boldness in any tattoo.

7. Autoclave Sterilizer Machine

The most important thing about any tattoo shop is its sanitization and its cleaning process. In the tattooing industry, it is vital to have an autoclave machine to keep your clients safe and healthy. Autoclave machines guarantee high-quality sterilization by using pressurized steam to kill any bacteria or microorganisms lingering on reusable tattoo tools.

8. Good Lighting

An important part of any type of studio is good lighting. Ensure quality artistry by creating a space with high visibility and various lighting options to allow you to do your best work. Whether you decide on just using the overhead lights, fluorescent lights or a ring light to add some extra brightness, make sure you like the position of the light and its illumination so that it allows you to see all the details you need for the tattoo.

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