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stack software

STACK allows you to make estimates for different projects. You can use the software to calculate labor, material, and equipment costs for any project. Sign up for a STACK Account and select the project type you want to work on. Next, choose the estimated cost and the completion date for the project. Finally, enter the required resources. Next, enter all the information.

STACK Construction Estimating Software

The Stack construction estimating program has many features that can help you get started in construction estimation. Stack is tailored to specific industries and includes tools for concrete, roofing, and landscaping. It has built-in takeoff and bidding software that allows you to quickly create precise bids for any construction project. Cloud-based storage is also available for data and team discussions. The stack includes a complete construction library.

STACK construction estimation software also provides a complete view of each material and an accurate count. You can even check for material adjustments to ensure that all materials have been counted. STACK also offers a complete cost report with overhead markup. A free trial is also available to give it a try.

The formula editor is another feature that sets STACK estimating software apart. This feature is especially useful for construction companies with particular aesthetic requirements. You can customize your construction plans to make them faster for taking off and estimating. You can even create your own construction plan assemblies. This will allow you to get started with construction estimation quickly. This is particularly useful for firms with specific design and aesthetic requirements.

STACK Construction Estimating Software Digital Plans

STACK construction estimating software lets you upload digital plans, create detailed estimates, and make bids. Access to the database and pre-built reports is also available so that you can quickly get started on a construction project. Cloud-based software allows you to access files and documents whenever you need them. You’ll get the most precise and detailed estimates with unlimited training and support. There will be no need to make an error in your estimates again.

STACK is an excellent solution for construction companies. STACK allows you to create accurate estimates by taking into account all aspects of the project, including labor costs. It also includes bidding and takeoff software that makes it easier to do your job. This software will allow you to make an accurate estimate, regardless of whether you are a contractor or a manager. The software will even help you if you aren’t sure what to do.

Although many construction estimating software programs are free, it is important to remember that higher-end versions are often more costly. STACK offers a free trial if you are unsure which option is best for you. Although the software is not completely free, it offers a free trial and a full version. If you are satisfied with the trial version, you can upgrade to the full version.


STACK construction estimating software, a web-based software program that simplifies the estimation process, is available online. The program’s powerful features can reduce the time it takes to estimate by as much as 50%. The software provides a central hub that organizes documents, reports, etc., and allows users to quickly access them. Real-time support is available for material estimates. STACK makes it simple to create and maintain construction plans.

STACK users can log in to Procore from within the software. The help center offers more detailed information about STACK’s integration capabilities. STACK construction technologies are the most complete cloud-based Construction software industry solution. It allows companies to organize, analyze, share, and share all construction documents from one location. STACK integrates with Procore to create a central hub for construction documents.

STACK Construction Technologies provides cloud-based construction takeoff software and estimating software to construction companies. It provides comprehensive information on commercial construction projects. It is the only cloud-based 100% construction solution. It will be made available to customers in January 2017.

STACK Software Takeoff Capabilities

STACK includes many quantity takeoff capabilities. STACK lets users modify takeoff types or use pre-built items and materials. STACK offers these features as well as a library of prebuilt items and assemblies. 

There are four subscription levels for STACK, which range from $0 to $4999+ per annum. The number of users within the company determines the subscription cost.

STACK provides a cloud-based platform that allows users to view and measure digital plans. This cloud-based platform facilitates communication between project teams and increases transparency and collaboration. 

Autodesk Docs is the company’s shared information management system. This ensures that all teams have the same information. The cloud-based Autodesk solutions can be integrated seamlessly with other Autodesk products. STACK data can easily be transferred to other Autodesk products, such as Revit, Inventor, and Civil 3D.

STACK’s construction estimating software offers many benefits. The cloud-based platform allows users the ability to collaborate from anywhere, even on-site. It allows users to access project plans from anywhere and can also be shared with other teams. 

The software also eliminates costly errors in estimating and allows users to access a large library of pre-built material databases. This software helps firms win more lucrative projects. STACK Construction Estimating Software offers the best solution for all your estimating needs.


Pricing for stack construction software can vary depending on which type you choose. Some software offers robust reporting and takeoff creation capabilities, while others do not. While some offer separate solutions, others have web-based options. 

A free trial is a great way to reduce the time required to set up and run your business. You can determine which features are most important to your company by documenting your pre-construction process and prioritizing the features that are critical for your project.

STACK’s library of construction plans includes reports and default plans, as well as shared materials. These plans can be customized to suit the needs of your company and can be used for reference when creating new projects. 

You can also use the plain-text search function to perform quick searches. This is ideal for small and medium-sized construction companies. It also includes an easy-to-use calculator.

Prices for STACK construction estimating software vary depending on what type of construction project they are working on. You can choose from paid and free plans. Some plans offer student discounts. 

The software is intuitive and simple to use. Before you buy, make sure you download a trial version. This will allow you to test its functionality. STACK is intended for general contractors but does not include the Gantt scheduling feature.

Subscription Plans

STACK offers four different subscription plans. The Start tier is completely free, while Grow and Build tiers can be purchased for a fee. The Start pricing tier provides all features while the Build tier allows for three full-access users as well as seven view-only users. 

STACK also offers a large library of pre-built items and assemblies for your projects. STACK construction estimating software offers four subscription levels to help you manage your business better.

Cloud-based software makes it easy to make changes without having to send an email. Stack allows your team to work together to create custom bidding and estimates, while also keeping track of overhead costs, markups, and markups. 

Stack also makes it simple to manage dozens upon dozens of subcontractors, and offers powerful document management tools. This software will help you get more done and keep everyone organized.

STACK Estimating, a cloud-based construction takeoff program, is available. Digital plans are available to measure and create accurate estimates and bids. This software is suitable for all major trades. It has the highest customer satisfaction rating. 

STACK has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and high scores across all major software review sites. This makes it a solid choice when it comes to construction estimating. It is important to remember that STACK’s construction estimating software pricing can vary widely.

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