Natural ways to experience euphoria

admin October 2, 2022
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While there are various designer substances and research chemicals for recreational use, getting that desirable euphoric feeling shouldn’t come at a premium to your health, well-being, and your future. It is risky to depend on substances for your euphoric moods. It can cause addiction and in some cases, lead to overdose. Fortunately, people can naturally experience euphoric feelings without using substances that alter the mind.

The natural high from natural activities

Rather than rely on addictive substances for that euphoric feeling, there are natural ways to get to that level. A natural high as opposed to getting high from synthetic substances can help boost the general well-being of the person. When triggered, the person tends to feel what is called “peak experiences.” Peak experiences is a term that was coined by Abraham Maslow, the humanistic psychologist.

What are peak experiences? Peak experiences are periods of extreme and awe-inspiring happiness which are also experienced with feelings of ecstasy, wonder, and a feeling of deep significance.

When it comes to experiencing that natural high, many people seem to lack a basic idea of how to go about it. Rather than depend on psychoactive substances, there are various ways we can become “high” without necessarily ingesting or consuming synthetic substances that may harm us in the long run. You can increase your chances of getting high naturally by performing the following routines:


When it comes to having that feel-good moment that we crave and desire, nothing works as much as exercising. Physical exercises lead to the release of neurotransmitters and feel-good hormones. Exercises make our bodies secrete serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline, and endorphins.

Endorphins are known as neurotransmitters. As neurotransmitters, endorphins are known to reduce painful feelings while enhancing feelings of well-being and pleasure. Research has discovered that if we perform exercises with moderate intensity, our levels of endorphins can be increased dramatically. 

For instance, people who run or jog will sometimes have a feeling known as “runner’s high” which is made possible by the combination of some neurotransmitters along with adrenaline. Furthermore, exercise can also be linked to various positive mental health benefits to health like improving our general mood, boosting cognition, and decreasing depression.


People think that having a good laugh is just for entertainment or fun – however, studies have shown that a good laugh can help us enhance our mental health. Clinical studies have been able to demonstrate that laughter helps in releasing endorphins, which is known to help put the person or a happier and more euphoric condition.


People who are known to meditate frequently experience less stress and greater relaxation. Research has also been able to prove that doing this can easily increase the levels of endorphin in our bodies.


Clinical studies have also found that we can get feelings of euphoria from socialising with the right people. They give us the right to social support which we need for our emotional health and well-being. Socialising helps to reduce the risk of being lonely. It also goes on to boost our overall health. You can also feel good easily when you spend quality time with your friends.


When you do good deeds for other people, you feel more connected to them. This is an excellent way for us to experience that feeling of communalism. This helps us to naturally improve our moods. There are a lot of professional people that do volunteer work as a way of improving mental health. Taking part in volunteering services can help us improve our physical health, social well-being, and our mental health. It also goes further to reduce signs of depression and generally improve our overall life satisfaction.

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