How to print embroidery

admin October 26, 2022
Updated 2022/10/26 at 7:54 AM

The click says that you want to have a personalised design on the fabric. Or you perhaps wish to see a customised message on your cloth. We appreciate this thirst for the DIY endeavour. In this article, we will show you how to print embroidery so that you can comfortably print your favourite design. 

Here we will be discussing two ways so that you can do it yourself better! So let’s go ahead! 

First of all, allow us to say what things you will need to accomplish the task. You might wonder now that you merely need –

  • A printer
  • A sticker paper  
  • A non-fatty fabric and 
  • Sharp scissors 

Now it’s time to distinguish the right side and wrong side of your fabric. Why? Because you need to place the right side down and attach your sticker to the wrong side. It will be helpful for the printer to provide you with an apt pattern for sewing. And it would be best to come up with thinner fabric and iron it. 

In the following steps, you need to place the sticker paper on your fabric. For this, sort out the portion of the cloth on which you will insert the design. Then attach the sticker paper to the part. No worries, it’s like getting a smartphone screen protector! 

Make it tag-free and fuzzy-free. Now precisely cut according to the sticker paper. For the sake of a better shape, you may feel free to cut a bit of the paper too! 

Now it is time to go for printing. No matter if you only have a black-and-white printer or if it is one of the cheapest. Remember, you need to darken the pattern line to make it sewing-friendly. And yes, you should have a test print to ensure whether it is that kind or not. 

Your chosen design might be triangular, rectangular or hourglass. Whatever it is, you need to put that within the hoop. And now, it is time to separate the sticker paper. Do it carefully so that the illustrated pattern remains intact. After this, you are all set! You may start stitching along the pattern line. Just be careful to rub over them with your fingers again and again, lest it fades away faster! 

There is another way of printing embroidery. You merely have to follow three successive steps. These are as follows: 

  • Get an embroidery pattern. A number of sewing stores are out there, or you can manage from online sources, or you can create yourself. You need to print out the pattern on plain white paper. Then flip over the paper and trace over the design with an embroidery transfer pen. You will come up with a design pattern. Interestingly, it is not a mirror image of the actual pattern! 
  • You will need a minimum of three straight pins. They will fix the pattern of your fabric. Afterwards, place the fabric on an ironing board and cover the paper pattern with a pressing cloth. Then keep ironing over the design strongly for 60 seconds, and please ensure zero shiftings of the paper while you iron.
  • Now remove one straight pin and reverse the paper to ensure a fruitful transfer of the pattern. Then remove all pins along with the paper when the design comes into being.

To Wrap Up  Now you know how to print embroidery in detail. Now you are free to add embroidery to napkins, handkerchiefs, kitchen towels or any other garment you want! Have a warm goodbye from Print Britannia. Have a good day!

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