How To Make Your Church Christmas Event More Engaging?

admin January 24, 2023
Updated 2023/01/24 at 4:46 PM

Trying to plan your Church Christmas Eve activities without becoming boring? How do you stay unique as an event organizer while staying true to tradition? Typically, just thinking about winter can help any event planner come up with Christmas party ideas. 

Add some of our holiday season offers, such as confetti, and your events will be ready to go. However, for many people, Church Christmas Eve is synonymous with Silent Night. This is why we have a few low-key Christmas Eve ideas for your Church that you can base your events on. 

Ideas For An Engaging Church Christmas Event

Host A Christmas Program

Christmas programmes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. For example, bring in some local musicians to host a Christmas concert or hold an “all call” and invite community members to form a choir one evening.

A “Living Nativity” is a nativity scene depicted by actors and live animals in some churches. Others will present Handel’s “Messiah.”

You could bring your entire community together by hosting a significant free event like Crosspoint Church in Nashville’s “A Merry Music City Christmas.” And, of course, a candlelight service is a lovely tradition for both churchgoers and non-churchgoers.

Displaying UGC Through Social Media Walls Can Be A Game-Changer

When you decide to organize a Christmas Event, you first need to create a hashtag relatable to your event. A hashtag is of utmost importance since it helps you generate a lot of engagement on social media.

The process would be promoting your hashtag through various forms on social media. Like you can add the event hashtag to your social media handles, you can add it to your profile bio, and can ask influencers to promote your event by hashtags in their content.

Through this, a lot of user-generated content would be created on multiple social media platforms, which then can be used to display on social media walls in your Christmas event. 

Audience engagement goes through the roof, with a social media wall at your event

Emphasize On A Bit Of Charity

Sharing and caring are central to community events. Incorporate these components into your service by holding fundraisers for a nearby nursing home or collecting donations through dinner service. Of course, nothing beats hot cocoa and cookies to accompany the winter months.

Suppose you’re organizing a fundraiser or a charity event. In that case, you can take advantage of our flat 50% rebate offer, and our accept donations feature for our online ticket store and virtual box office.

Group Serve Project Works Great

While the holidays are a happy time for many people, they are also a time of great need for many groups worldwide. Participating in a group serve project is a great way to help your community and build fellowship among your congregation.

You can get involved with plenty of projects, whether serving a meal to the less fortunate or deprived or building a ramp for a disabled veteran or disabled person in need.

And if you’re working with a third party already familiar with the process, they’ll want to know how many people you’re bringing and their strengths.

Christmas Eve Dinner Is Very Effective

Food is a powerfully effective way to connect with your congregation during Christmas. Many churches across the country enjoy preparing a Christmas Eve dinner for their congregation, those in need, or community members who may not have family nearby.

If you’ve never hosted a Christmas Eve dinner or a similar event, you may be unaware of how critical it is to know who is coming and how many people they are bringing. Unfortunately, cooking for an unknown number of people usually results in too much or too little food.

Create an event page for your dinner and accept reservations from church members or community members. It also allows you to set attendee limits if you have limited space and resources and tells you exactly how many people someone is bringing.

Christmas Concert Can Be Quite Engaging

A Christmas concert can reach many people if your Church has a choir, praise band, or music department or wants to bring in some outside talent. Nothing says Christmas like carols, hymns, and songs about roasting chestnuts over an open fire.

More people wanting to attend your Christmas concert than you have room for is a good problem. And whether you’re selling tickets to raise funds or hosting a fellowship event, this is a problem you should anticipate.

You can accept online registrations, limit the number of available tickets, and even display multiple showtimes. It’s like having your event planner and coordinator rolled into one.

Wrapping Up! Christmas is just a few days away, and preparing your church event beforehand is a must. The ideas mentioned in this blog are brilliant and can make your event memorable.

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