How to Fix Smtp Gmail Com Failed on the iPhone?

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How to Fix Smtp Gmail Com Failed on the iPhone

SMTP servers, also known as outgoing servers, require very specific configurations that vary depending on the email provider. Diagnose the issue to assist the user in determining the location of the incoming server issue and how to determine whether the iPhone, Internet connection or email provider is to blame.

  • Long-press the “Sleep/Wake” button. When the red “Slide to power off” switch appears on the screen, slide it to the right. After 30 seconds, turn the iPhone back on by pressing the “Sleep/Wake” button. By sending a message from the Mail application, the user can test the outgoing email.
  • To access Mail, Contacts, and Calendars, tap “Settings.” Select the email account whose outgoing servers aren’t connecting by tapping the corresponding entry. Select “Delete Account” from the menu. Make sure the user has the right email address, username, password, and port number for the email account by getting in touch with the email provider. On the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” page, for example, tap “Add Account.” From the Mail application, send an email to test the new settings.
  • Open the Safari app on the iPhone. Tap a link in the iPhone’s bookmarks to access a website. In the “Settings” menu, select “Wi-Fi,” slide the switch to “Off,” and then select “On” to turn it back on. Join a different wireless network. If the website is now loading, the issue may have been with the previous Internet connection.

The user may try the above-provided steps if the connection to the outgoing server failed.


It’s helpful to have the search engine set as the homepage because Google responds quickly to even the wackiest questions. Regardless of the web browser being used, setting Google as the homepage is a quick and easy process that ensures has opened right away whenever the browser is launched. Since many browsers already set Google as their default home page, changing it is a relatively simple process. However, the process is still simple to follow if the user needs to set it manually:

On Safari

The user must follow the following steps to make Google Homepage:

  • Launch Safari.
  • Choose Safari.
  • Then select Preferences.
  • Press General.
  • To set Google as the home page, enter under the home page.
  • Confirm the selection by closing the window.

On Windows

Microsoft Edge might be the browser of preference for Windows users. It’s a relatively simple process to switch its home page to Google. The user should follow these instructions:

  • Start-up Microsoft Edge.
  • In the window’s upper right corner, click the ellipsis.
  • Press Settings.
  • Press the Start, Home, and New Tab buttons.
  • To make Google the default home page, enter under the home button.
  • Select Save.

By Default

It is simple to set up if the user chooses to use Google Chrome as their browser. The fix is as follows:

  • Start Google Chrome.
  • To close the window, select the ellipsis in the upper right corner.
  • Select Settings.
  • Tap Default browser.
  • Press Make Default.
  • Now, the default browser is Google Chrome.

The preceding steps explain How to Make Google my Homepage.

Why does my Gmail prevent sending emails?

Frequently, emails have been classified as spam. The user is sending an excessive number of emails at once. There’s a chance the message headers are formatted incorrectly.

How Do I Fix the Gmail Spelling Check Problem?

If you have a problem with the Gmail spell then you can read our other post “Gmail Spell Check Not Working: How To Fix“. Or contact the Gmail customer number to get instant help.

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