How To Choose Best High Heels For Women

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Whether you just start your first working day or need a pair of shoes for an evening event, having high heels on your feet will be iconic and allure. That’s why until now, high heels never miss their attention for over decades. But not any design and type of high heels are suitable and bring a comfortable feeling to you. Therefore, today’s Findcouponhere topic is about hacking tips to choose the right heels that suit your body type.

High heels have a long history and strong enduring power that every girl is dreaming of having a pair of since she is a kid. But when it is more common and becomes a signature of modern women, there are overwhelming options of high heels that might bring the confused. Now, look through these tips to choose the comfortable ones.

Choose The Height Of The Heel

The height of the heels is the concern you should know because it will bring comfort. The optimal heel height for you depends depend on what you find comfortable.

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Two-inch Heels

Even if you spend the entire day standing, a heel this low won’t make your feet’s balls hurt. This type of heels will fit your feet perfectly and are flexible for those who need to stand all day long or walk frequently. There are many designs of this type of heel but they will go well with vintage-inspired attire.

Three-inch Heels

Three-inch Heels are the standard height of heels that are widely spread in the market. They are both stylish and comfy which are the best option for office girls. 

Four-inch Heels

Your feet might face the risk of being uncomfortable with this height. If you still want a pair of heels at this height, remember to practice walking to avoid the fall down. Four-inch Heels are the most suitable for evening events.

Five-inch-plus Heels

Sky-scraping heels may seem fantastic, but they may be difficult for beginners to walk in. Practice and get used to wearing heels to build up your confidence while having heels on your feet. A platform at the front of the shoe may make it slightly simpler to wear.

Choose The Right High Heels For Foot Type

Foot TypeSuggested Heel
Wide FootRound toe Pointed Tow Heels
Flat FeetLow-mid heel: two inches and three inches square Toe & Peep Toe Or Open Toe
High ArchArch support three-inch Heels & Four-inch Heels with a curved-in heel or block heel
Thin HeelAnkle strap

Choose Different Types Of Women’s Heels

Stiletto Heel

The stiletto is the most popular women’s heel style, featuring a thin, tapering heel that becomes thinner as it approaches the floor. Stiletto heels can range in height from one inch to seven or eight inches much higher than we mentioned above but it will be the supper cool item to make you outstanding. You can look at many designs from Forever 21 vs H&M with discount codes on

Square Toe

A square toe box is a very modern form that is great for wide feet but also fits with all foot shapes. Square toes are frequently seen on mules, such as this pair of Marc Fisher stacked heel shoes or heeled sandals.

Stacked Heels

A stacked heel looks to be made up of piled wood or leather. This type of heels will make you look more vintage but classic.

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Block heel

A block heel is a heel style trend that will not go away. It has a much chunkier heel than a stiletto, making it a more practical alternative for everyday wear. The style is a cross between hippy platforms from the 1970s and chunky shoes from the 1990s, providing greater support and more even weight distribution. Block heels are typically more comfortable to walk in than thinner heels.

How To Choose Best High Heels For Women Based On Body Fit

Wear whatever you want to make you feel confident and flawless but picking the perfect heel might offer a lot of advantages if you’re trying to find something that will make you feel less self-conscious. Pointed-toe shoes attract the gaze downward, giving your legs the appearance of supermodel length. Larger ankles or shorter legs are not suitable for ankle strap heels. Choose a slingback instead to make you look better. On a wider foot, round-toed shoes are more cozy and attractive. Compared to pointed heels, which could feel too tight and uncomfortable, they often have more space in the front.

How To Wear High Heels More Comfortable

Each shoe retailer will have its own size so that you might feel larger or tighter than you expected. Pick an ideal size that will not make your heel “bobs” about a lot inside or too large. Opt for low to medium height if you have never ever worn high heels. Shoe inserts and pads will be the best support to make you get used to high heels. In particular, when dealing with designer clothing, it’s a cheap remedy.

Final Thought

Even if you adore high heels, you’ll have to settle with more modest selections for everyday use. High-heeled shoes are extremely harmful to our health and, in the long term, will cause some problems to our knees. That’s why you need a guide to help you choose an appropriate type of heels. Also, use Walmart promo codes 20% off to save money when buying high heels for women. Follow up The Busines Mark to know more tips.

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