How does technology affect personal health?

admin November 10, 2022
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how does technology affect personal health and plays a key role in improving our life What Effect of technology's negative impact Eye Strain
how does technology affect personal health and plays a key role in improving our life What Effect of technology's negative impact Eye Strain

We need a lot of work-out and exercise to live a healthy life, if it happens that with the help of technology, we can improve our life, our diet, and daily routine, How does technology affect personal health? and plays a key role in improving our life. In this regard, we need to pay more attention to it, because of which our nights and days can pass well. By using medicine and fitness equipment, we can improve our life.

Some of the technological techniques have made a great impact on people’s lives, which has helped them to a great extent in improving their lives. All your body data can be delivered to you with the help of your mobile phone or fitness tracker in just one click and from there you can also take them on your own.

While technology has positive effects on our lives, it also has negative effects such as using a mobile phone for a long period of time is harmful to your eyes and if the same mobile phone is used, you can lose sight of your distance. You can sit down and talk to someone and settle your business matters, but the point is that we should use this technology for as long as we need it and we can benefit from it. In developed countries, the high use of technology such as the use of mobile phones has become common. Every time you scroll through the feed every day, it becomes the biggest problem in the dark of night, and then its ultraviolet light affects the eyes and then affects the brain.

Effect of technology’s negative impact

Technology is very useful in our life, it helps us with many tasks of our day, that’s why we can’t call it bad, it has a positive impact on our life. In such cases, we should be careful. There are many examples in our life, we have to pay. Mobile phones are necessary for us, but with unnecessary use, everything is harmful. We should make it easier for ourselves by using these tech products. Not that our health should be harmed because in every matter of life we ​​have some benefit but at the same time we should look at the harm as well.

Following are also the losses that we have to face with the use of this smartphone and other things

Eye Strain

Blinking is very important for the health of our eyes because we blink thousands of times a day, it improves our eyesight and benefits us. from which the sharp rays keep going into our eyes and we suffer from loss of vision, stress increases in the brain, and there is a lack of tears and water, I have seen this happen mostly at night when We are glued to the screen of our smartphones, this has happened to me myself. I have also reduced my mobile usage at night and use it only when necessary. Now thankfully my health is also improving. There is no harm in using your mobile in daylight, but use less at night.

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Sometimes it happens that due to the fineness of the mobile phone’s pixels, we look more closely at the screen, which is quite a loss for us. But the data on the screen can be less harmful than that. If you go, it is advised for them to be a little careful. Such damage is seen more in young children or young children. This is because these children are still in their growing youth. If it happens, they just do the things that they feel good about has an important role.

Reduce eye digital strain

Being glued to a mobile screen or TV screen can affect the ability of the eyes to see, for example, we get lost in an object without even blinking our eyes, which also affects the water in the eyes quite a bit, then makes us sleepy and sleepy. By not doing it, our whole body gets tired, we are sleepy, and we do not get sleep until we blink our eyes for a long time, and thus we start to suffer by changing the crotch all night. There are some important instructions to be safe from this which you can follow to create ease for yourself.

  • Lowering the screen brightness will make a big difference
  • Even using dark glasses will not affect the eyes of the screen light up
  • Using the screen at a distance of two to three feet from your eyes will help a lot
  • Increase the font size on the mobile screen or laptop screen and use it remotely
  • Get your eyes checked regularly every month. If the report is not good, do not use the screen or mobile phone at night for a few days.

Human sleep disorder

With the advancement of technology, health problems have become commonplace in our society because we use tech products without any concern about our health. Also, consider the fact that most of us work in such a way that we don’t sleep at night. Use less technology and try to get more out of it. When you are sleeping at night, keep the mobile phone away from you so that nothing disturbs your sleep.

Lack of sleep in adults is due to excessive use of technology. More than half of the world’s population uses technology, which is the most used because it can help with obesity and other tasks. Due to this obesity and other issues can also occur in men and women.

Due to working throughout the day, all our energy is spent in the work, due to which our energy decreases at night, we are tired and at the same time when we are on our mobile phones, the time we sleep. If we spend that time in our other activities, we will suffer a lot. Spending more time on the scan at night is a very difficult phase for us, which also affects our sleep.

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