How Can A Physics Tutor in Toronto Make Physics Class Engaging?

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Physics is an important part of the sciences, usually taught with biology and chemistry. When it comes to physics, its laws and concepts can be difficult for the student. The extensive derivations and results of physics can wane the student’s interest. The teaching style can be very flat if the class is only theoretical.

An uninteresting class in physics does not engage students in learning. To support learning, physics tutor in Toronto need to make their physics lesson plans interesting. The best way to support learning in physics is through experimenting and student activity. Students can understand physics concepts and apply them in real life when they feel involved. For teaching success, physics tutors in Toronto should think outside of the box.   

How To Make A Physics Class Interesting?

The basic idea behind making physics class interesting and engaging is to switch learning materials and approach so that the student learns in new ways. Beyond the traditional constructs of academic instruction, physics tutors in Toronto can improve the pace of learning.

Teach with experiments

Every great scientist who contributed to physics learnt its concepts through experiments. The phenomena explained by the laws of physics are found all around us. Even if you are a tutor in physics, you can conduct simple experiments and present the student with examples of concepts.

The student observes how the laws are applied in real life with experiments and examples. This engages the students’ attention and involves them in observation and inference. Learning by example is more effective than learning by theory. If you want to surpass rote learning, experiential learning is surely the way ahead.

Ask quizzes

Surprise quizzes and interactive question sessions help you know the student’s knowledge level. The quizzes and question sessions also support the competitive spirit of the student. Even if it is an individual class, the student competes with his standards via quizzes and tests. Tests should not burden the student, but periodic tests and quizzes help him learn in a targeted way.

The quizzes can be about other topics related to your teaching topic. Asking the questions in an interesting way and representing them as puzzles can make the physics class more interesting. With quizzes and tests, the student approaches the subjects with excitement and competition, which act as motivation for studying.

Tutor with associations

Teaching by association is a method by which teachers can help students learn with real-life examples. When the student is given examples of the phenomena dependent on the laws of physics, he understands that all of them exist. When the student knows about real-life examples of such phenomena, he finds more and more about such examples. His curiosity about things around him increases, and this helps him in learning in a better way. The teaching and learning experience improves when the tutor starts teaching by association.

Use storylines

A theory class might not pique the interest of the student. However, when supported by a storyline, the theory is better understood by the student. Physics tutors in Toronto should introduce the concept of physics properly. They can even use stories from the lives of popular physicists to engage the students. The biographies and stories of interesting experiments can motivate the student to learn more about the concept.

The simplest purposes and aims are laid beneath the most complex concepts. With simple stories, you can engage the student in these concepts. Such storylines can create fascination and curiosity in the mind of the student. Storylines are not just limited to the arts and literature; they are also extended to the sciences.

Start with simple formulas

The biggest challenge for physics tutors in Toronto is the use of formulas by students. Many students are not able to understand the formulas and use them properly. When it comes to physics formulas, they are confused. Formulas are an important part of physics and its applications. However, there are many ways of arriving at the same result in science.

If the student cannot apply one formula, try to teach him useful formulas. Even complex formulas can be simplified and explained to the student. The tutor should understand the basic level of knowledge the student has. Based on his knowledge level, the tutor can give him formulas. The tutor should help him advance from simple formulas to more advanced derivations. This should happen at the learning pace of the student. These are some of the ways in which physics tutors in Toronto can help students learn more. Maintaining the interest of the student in the subject and engaging it in a fruitful way is a major responsibility of anyone who teaches him. From experiments to the use of visuals and audio, tutors can use many learning materials to engage them in class.

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