How A VoIP Phone System Can Improve Your Outbound Calls

admin February 7, 2023
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With globalisation and digital advancement, the business world is becoming increasingly competitive, driving companies and brands to continually explore new methods to improve sales and business growth. Outbound outreach campaigns targeting qualified prospects have become widespread, with 62% of marketers reporting their outbound approach to be successful. However, there is still room for improvement, and one solution is to integrate VoIP systems into outbound calling operations.

This article will show how VoIP calling software can help you improve your outbound calls.

VoIP Features For Outbound Calls

VoIP systems assist companies in improving call management through a range of features that enhance the efficiency of their phone strategies. Although widely utilised for inbound calls, VoIP software offers a suite of features that can benefit outbound strategies. A few of these features include:

Agent Management

In addition to managing prospects and leads, a business VoIP phone service can also streamline the management of your employees. With integration into an employee management system, a VoIP system provides a more efficient way to monitor agent performance, ensure compliance, and track attendance.

The agent management feature of a VoIP system also enables better tracking of agent performance through a dashboard that displays caller feedback. It allows managers to review call results and take appropriate actions, whether it’s through recognition or coaching.

Contact Management

Improved business contact management is particularly beneficial in B2B outbound scenarios as it enables sales reps to manage and organise prospect information more effectively. Agents are provided with a platform to organise and record call data and notes, which can be used to consider personalised requests, inquiries, and information in the future.

Combined with a robust client relationship management tool, this enhances the overall effectiveness of outbound sales strategies.

Insight And Reporting

In recent years, the importance of data has been emphasised as businesses rely on data-driven decisions. VoIP systems provide businesses with access to additional data and analytics, which can be valuable in assessing the performance of sales representatives, evaluating strategies, and measuring product effectiveness.

Call recording features are also useful for VoIP systems, as you’ll soon discover. Many VoIP services store recordings on cloud-based systems, freeing resources and physical storage space.

VoIP systems offer a range of other features that can benefit outbound calling teams and other business operations.

Call Management Features

In addition to managing agents and contacts, VoIP systems also offer tools to manage calls themselves. Some of the call management features that are useful include:

  • Call recording — Your calls will be recorded and stored for later playback and review.
  • Call Forwarding — Outbound teams may communicate and transfer calls if a potential customer requests to talk with an agent specialising in a different service.
  • Dynamic Caller ID — You might display the customer’s country’s caller ID.
  • Agent coaching — Enter a live call and use “whisper mode” to give your agent some useful advice.
  • Agent monitoring — Visit live calls to assess the agents’ performance.
  • Parking — If agents need to place customers on hold.
  • Pulling — If callers require a device change.

Ways VoIP Helps To Improve Outbound Calls

Considering these features, you may wonder how they benefit your outbound calling team and agents. Here are some ways your team and business can reap the benefits of utilising a VoIP system.

Manage outbound Representatives

Managing outbound sales representatives requires a well-organised human resource operation that efficiently manages the team’s productivity and workload. Monitoring calls, assigning leads, and providing feedback can be time-consuming and overwhelming for managers and supervisors. A VoIP system can help ease this workload and reduce the stress associated with manual team management processes.

By using a VoIP system, the outbound sales team supervisor can shift their focus to higher-value tasks, including:

  • Finding a new target audience.
  • Networking.
  • Training sales agent.
  • Creating incentive structures to improve efficiency.

Better Contact Management

Losing leads can result in a poor conversion rate of prospects to customers. It is common for 60% of leads to decline four times before accepting, but the average agent often fails to reach the first follow-up. Implementing an improved lead management system that tracks and analyses lead information can help turn prospects into customers.

By improving contact management, agents and sales representatives can revisit old leads and make necessary follow-ups, leading to increased closing of deals.

Improve Calls Via Analytics And Feedback

A VoIP phone system’s ability to track call analytics and feedback provides sales teams and business development managers with valuable data to make informed decisions. This data can assess team performance and offer coaching and feedback to improve outbound outreach. Additionally, many VoIP systems have a built-in feedback survey feature to solicit feedback from call recipients.

Efficient Call Forwarding

VoIP phone systems can help improve outbound outreach strategies by tracking call feedback and analytics. This data can be used to evaluate team performance and provide coaching and feedback that can enhance the effectiveness of outbound campaigns. Additionally, many VoIP systems include a feedback survey mechanism that automatically solicits feedback from call recipients.

Increased Sales

The ultimate aim of an outbound sales team and their company is to increase sales. Implementing a VoIP system can help achieve this goal by streamlining all call-related activities. With features such as integration with sales tools, the company and its outbound team are more likely to achieve success by making high-converting calls that boost the bottom line.


VoIP systems can greatly improve outbound calls by offering various features to enhance call management, including agent management, contact management, and call reporting. With agent management, businesses can monitor performance, ensure compliance and track attendance.

Improved contact management assists sales reps in organising and recording call data, which can be used to personalise future calls. Call reporting provides valuable data to make informed decisions, such as assessing team performance and offering feedback. VoIP systems can help managers focus on higher-value tasks, improve contact management, increase sales and efficiency, and provide feedback to improve outreach strategies.

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