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A brand’s logo plays a huge role in establishing your positioning in the minds of the customers, if it is easy to remember and attractive, people would automatically be drawn towards it. One of the many things that we should be doing while rebranding is changing a logo as well. Brand owners do not generally give much importance to it as they believe it would change the whole ideation of the brand and they would be doing injustice to their organization and the customers as well. However, when you rebrand, it takes a lot more than just making the minor changes. A change in your logo is mandatory and we strongly recommend it.

If you are in a process of redesigning your website or beginning from the scratch only, and your current logo does not really focus on the company’s recent strength, we suggest you consider rebranding. If your logo is not performing accordingly your new website will not be performing. It will in fact have a negative impact as the logo will appear misplaced. When you think your logo is not up to the mark, it is imperative for you to redesign your logo, before you make changes in your website design. Branding is not restricted to logo design only; it includes a lot of other things as well. Your brand must have an extensive brand book that encapsulate all the essential elements of brand along with the detailed description.

Following are the reasons why changing a logo is a good idea while rebranding.

  1. To be more modern

You cannot let your whole brand to be modernized while keeping your logo old and odd, it is important for the brand to match the level of logo and make changes accordingly. With the right application of the changes, you can make a plethora of difference to the ways your customer perceives you. If your brand is modern, you want your customers to take you modern and a traditional logo won’t do much of the difference. A few brands have been in the business since like forever and with the change in time, they have brought massive changes in their logos as well, take McDonald’s, Burger King and Nike for inspiration. Despite being big brands, they did not compromise on their logos and made sure the world knows them through their new identity.

  • Change of complex logos

The brand logos should not have to be too complicated, they should be easy to understand. Our aim is not to confuse customers but to make things easier for them so that they can get to the bottom our brand identity, understand it and relate to it. One of the biggest mistakes that most brands often make is they make the overall identity of their brand too complicated that they have to make changes further in order to simplify them. When the consumer perceives your brands to be highly confusing, they tend to change not just their logos but the packaging, and product branding as well. First of the many KPIs of most of the brand managers out there is how fast the customer remembers the brand the moment they hear about it and it hugely depends on the kind of logo you have. Other than this, the moment the purpose of the brand changes, the logo must be changed too.

  • Acquisition

When you get a new identity for your brand due to acquisition with another brand, a new logo becomes important for the brand. You cannot just ignore this huge notion when it comes to merger and acquisition. Instead of taking your own logo or your partner’s it is always better to go for the third and a new one. When there is a merger or an acquisition, chances are there will be many more new products offered. The new company will attract a whole new audience therefore the logo should be done accordingly. With a new target audience, new purpose and a different portfolio, a new and rebranded logo can be pretty helpful in this case.

  • To evolve visual experience

Your customer can get bored of the continuous and constant visuals, you need to offer them something different to keep them hooked on you and you can do that just by rebranding and changing your logo and appearance. In the constant age of gratification, the customers out there are always looking for something that can offer them something extra ordinary. With the help of social media, we can connect and engage with the new products pretty easily. Consequently, it is essential to continue being in the customer’s head for all the right reasons and bring changes accordingly. We have to engage customers regularly in order to keep them updated and innovate constantly to be seen as a breath of fresh air.

  • Social Media Adaption

One of the most important thing to consider while you are working on rebranding and changing your logo is the social media adaption. Brands often do not consider this impact and later suffer, considering how social media marketing has been working effectively and brands are not moving more towards digital marketing it is very important to ensure your logo works efficiently online as well. In fact, the whole idea should revolve around it. The logos that do not go well with social media often end up making the brand look unprofessional.

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