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Hoverboards for Kids

Years go by, fashions change, but one of the wishes of children and adolescents always remains the same even if it adapts to the changes of the time. In the sixties there was the scooter , in the eighties the skatedoard , with the beginning of the new millennium electric scooters arrived and today the desire of the little ones is the hoverboard.

There are many kids hoverboards designed to be used also (or specifically) by children.

From what age can the kids hoverboard be used?

There are no rules governing the use of hoverboards, so the age of use of these self-balancing electronic scooters depends on the parents’ common sense.

Most of the kids hoverboards on the market are designed for children aged 8/10 , although there are also models for 5/6-year-olds.

However, the kids hoverboard can reach high speeds , which is why it is not recommended for use by very young children and in any case always under the supervision of an adult .

It should be remembered that the speed of a kids hoverboard depends both on the model and on the weight of the driver, therefore a child, with a weight that is certainly reduced compared to that of an adult, will acquire greater speed.

How to use a Hoverboards for children

The operation of a Hoverboards for children is very simple, which is why it can also be used safely by children, although it takes a little practice at the beginning , especially to get on it having no point to stick to.

In fact, if on the one hand to please children and adolescents you are looking for something with a more inviting aesthetic and with the latest fashion accessories, on the other hand you cannot neglect safety, so it will be essential to see the characteristics of the kids hoverboard well that you are about to buy.

Therefore the battery , the non-slip platform and the certification that certifies compliance with international safety standards, such as UL 2272 certification, are important .

To meet the demands of children and adolescents, kids hoverboard manufacturers create models that have very attractive graphics and a wide range of colors.

Another element to consider when choosing a kids hoverboard is the price . On the market there are hoverboards with a lower price , those of a medium range and finally those with a decidedly higher cost . Even without spending a fortune, those that are too cheap are not recommended because they could be more lacking in materials. Surely a good compromise can be the mid-range kids hoverboards, which with a figure of around £200 guarantee excellent value for money.

What accessories to buy

There are various accessories with which to equip the Hoverboards for children

  • Thinking about the safety of the child, the helmet, elbow pads , wrist pads and knee pads cannot be missing , accessories that cushion the blow in the event of a small accident.
  • Ideal for children is the handlebar that allows them to stand on it with greater stability, and the little ones can also have a foothold that makes it easier for them to get on and off their kids hoverboard.
  • The bag is also essential, because when the child is tired or has reached a place where the use of the Hoverboards for children is not allowed, it will be up to the parent to carry it and using a shoulder bag will facilitate the task.

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