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The Income Tax Laws of India are drafted by the government. Individuals, Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs), corporations, partnerships, LLPs, organizations of persons, bodies of individuals, local authorities, and any other artificial juridical person are all subject to a taxable income tax levied by the government. The amount of tax levied on a person is determined by his residency status under these regulations. Everyone who qualifies as an Indian resident must pay taxes on their worldwide earnings. Each fiscal year, taxpayers must adhere to a set of rules while preparing their income tax forms (ITRs).

What exactly is a tax return?

An income tax return filing (ITR) is a document used to report information about your earnings and taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. A taxpayer’s tax liability is determined by his or her income. The individual will be eligible for a refund from the Internal Revenue Service if the return discloses that too much tax was paid during the year.

An individual or corporation that earns any income during a financial year is required by law to file an income tax return every year. Salary, business profits, rental income, dividends, capital gains, interest, and other types of income are all possibilities.

Individuals and businesses must file tax returns by a specific deadline. If a taxpayer misses the deadline, he or she will be charged a penalty.

Is filing a tax return required?

If your income exceeds the basic exemption threshold, you must file income tax returns in accordance with Indian tax laws. The rate at which taxpayers pay income tax is fixed. Not only will late filing costs increase, but it will also make it more difficult to obtain a loan or a travel visa.

How can I attach my Aadhar card to my tax returns?

Every individual taxpayer must mention their Aadhar number when filing their tax returns. His Aadhar number must be linked to his or her PAN (permanent account number) card. Without the Aadhar number, it is difficult to file a tax return online or in person. Senior citizens can file their taxes by hand, but those under the age of 80 must do so electronically.

To attach your Aadhar number to your tax return, follow these steps:

  • On the new ITR forms available on the IRS website, type or write the number in the additional places given.
  • If you applied for an Aadhar number but did not receive one, you can use the 28-digit enrolment ID instead.
  • If the Aadhar number was already electronically added, it is automatically supplied in the ITR forms.

Electronic Filing’s Importance

Electronic filing, sometimes known as e-filing, is a way of electronically submitting tax returns. This is done with the use of pre-approved tax preparation software from India’s Income Tax Department.

E-filing offers a variety of benefits that have boosted the popularity of this method of tax payment. At any point during the fiscal year, the taxpayer can file a tax return from the convenience of his or her own home.

Even while filing ITRs is not required for some persons, it can be beneficial to them. Here are some of the advantages that individuals who file an ITR can enjoy:

  1. While claiming a refund: There’s a strong chance that tax deduction at source (TDS) has been applied to the name of an individual who earns money or invests in India. If a taxpayer wants a refund on TDS (as required by tax law), he or she must file an ITR for that purpose.
  1. Document verification is straightforward: Income tax returns aid in the preparation of paperwork that details your earnings and can be used to apply for loans. This is due to the fact that the loan application evaluates your eligibility depending on your income. An ITR document, in addition to being the most generally accepted paperwork for visa and loan applications, provides a comprehensive picture of your whole income.
  1. As evidence of earnings: Income Tax Returns serve as proof of income, assisting your insurer in estimating the amount of compensation that must be paid in the case of an accidental death or disability. It is regarded as a verified and official document because it was submitted to a government entity.

You can either complete the form online or employ a professional to assist you in filing your ITRs. The ‘Sahaj’ Income Tax Return form can be downloaded or filled out online at the Income Tax Department’s official website. Once you’ve finished filing your return, an ITR-V form will be generated as an acknowledgement. Within 120 days of filing your taxes, this form must be confirmed.Suggested Read: Income Tax Notice

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