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AHU manufacturers in India

Air Handling manufacturers (AHU) have a very important role because their business is directly related to the air, which is the lifeline of this planet. AHU is an integral part of any central air conditioning system. This industry has many manufacturers, but we must identify the best AHU manufacturers in India.

With rapid industrialization over fifty years, the world has become more polluted than ever. 

India has the dubious distinction of having four-five cities in the top ten most polluted cities in the world; therefore, clean air is the most precious resource. People need it to remain healthy, and Industries also need it for their day-to-day operations.

How does AHU function? 

Air Handling units collect the air from outside and inside the room and remove dust and other pollutants. Subsequently, clean air temperature and humidity levels are adjusted and supplied to the rooms through ducts. It ensures the circulation of fresh and refreshing air begins inside industrial units, hospitals, hotels, and other commercial organizations. If you are interested in installing an AHU system at your premises, you should know the top 10 AHU manufacturers in India.

Strong Framework is crucial for top AHU Manufacturers in India.

One thing common among the best AHU manufacturers in India is that they all create a strong framework design. AHU manufacturers in India with good designs and components are always in high demand. They only use high-quality corrosion-resistant aluminum profiles and pressure-injected panels with CFC-free polyurethane foam of 40 Kg/cum densities. 

The Framework usually has a channel base made of galvanized steel. Moreover, they also use corrosion-resistant stainless steel for closed-cell insulation on the exterior to fabricate a condensate drain pan.

Air Handling units’ design is compact, so they are vibration-free, silent functioning, and easily maintainable. The basic structure has different sections with a high-quality cooling coil, filters, and a centrifugal fan. Besides, add-on modules such as a thermal break with coved profiles pass damper, humidifiers, heating coil, and face and air mixing chambers are also available on special requests. Additionally, there are also options for units with direct drive plug fans. 

Smart use of space

It’s normal for retail outlets to function from the ground floor of a building initially built for residential purposes. Such places may not include a dedicated technical room. It makes installing the air handling unit within your retail area tricky. Therefore, the air handling unit needs to be highly adaptable. You should be free to fix it either in the ceiling or inside a cabinet. It will look odd if you place it in the center of the retail space.

Efficiency is the essential quality of the best AHU Manufacturers in India. 

The objective of an air handling unit is to improve energy efficiency. AHU manufacturers in India can only survive if efficient because this quality differentiates between a good and an average AHU unit. However, for air handling units to become more efficient, the size, capacity, and other specifications should be according to work requirements.

AHU manufacturers in India with obsolete technology won’t survive for long. Therefore, customers always prefer the top 10 AHU manufacturers in India since most use the latest technology for their systems. They ensure to possess IGBC gold-rated certifications, the highest marker of standard in the HVAC industry.

Top AHU manufacturers in India are also green manufacturing units which are mandatory for environmental sustainability. Modern technology ensures that manufacturing systems will allow maximum flexibility in dimensions, AHU components, and materials.

ALL India Footprints

Another important requirement for the top 10 AHU manufacturers is that they all have an all-India network. They maintain a strong marketing and after-sales service support system in India and other countries where they operate. A seasoned team of professionals work for these best AHU manufacturers in India using the latest technology to deliver highly innovative and international quality products at par with global standards. Customer satisfaction remains their core objective, and they work most professionally to achieve seamless delivery and timely installation of units.

What special qualities do you look for in the top AHU Manufacturers in India?

The best Air Handling units should always incorporate state-of-the-art technology with a fully vertically integrated facility with world-class machinery and AHU components. The design should include enthalpy wheels to maximize and minimize cross-contamination for maximum energy recovery. All top AHUs use high-quality filters and fan assemblies for easy-to-maintain and reliable maintenance and service support. A reliable AHU creates an ideal environment for employees, visitors, and customers while simultaneously reducing energy consumption.

What are the leading manufacturers of AHUs in India?

Coming to the leading AHU manufacturers in India, Evapoler is one of the best AHU manufacturers in India. They provide AHU units in various configurations- Vertical type, Floor Mounted Type, and customized units against specific requirements. Quality is sacrosanct for them, and the quality process begins right from the design stage and raw material selection. 

Besides manufacturing for domestic use, they also supply and export air handling units.

Syntec Airflow SystemSystem is another top AHU manufacturers in India providing turnkey solutions for Cleanroom and HVAC systems with SMACNA, ASHRAE & ISO 14644 standards. They are responsible for designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning, consulting, and validating all cleanroom classes. Besides, they are leading turnkey service providers for healthcare, cold room, agriculture, and electronics sectors. They are, for all purposes, a one-stop solution provider for Air handling units, ventilation, dehumidification, ducting, and Cleanrooms.

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