Can I Use A Dummy Hotel Booking And Flight Reservation For An Italian Schengen Visa?

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Can I Use A Dummy Hotel Booking And Flight Reservation For An Italian Schengen Visa?
Can I Use A Dummy Hotel Booking And Flight Reservation For An Italian Schengen Visa?

Dummy hotel booking and flight reservations are mandatory parts of every visa application. For whichever country the applicant applies, he has to submit these documents. Please submit these documents to avoid the cancellation of your Visa. Or it may take longer for the visa process. Therefore, when applicants apply, they must apply for flight and hotel reservations for a Schengen visa

Since they are a mandatory part of every visa application, so yes, applicants have to submit a dummy hotel booking and flight reservation for an Italian Schengen visa. If they submit these documents on time, the visa officer may continue their Visa. 

Some visa applicants also need clarification with dummy hotel and flight reservations. Dummy hotel booking is another term for proof of accommodation and flight reservation, which is also known as a dummy flight ticket. 

The Difference Between “Booking” And “Reservation” For Italian Schengen Visa 

  • A “booking” is an arrangement you make, such as a hotel room or a flight ticket, and you pay 100% upfront.
  • A “reservation” is the arrangement you make, such as a hotel room or a flight ticket, without paying in advance. By reserving, it does not become accessible or available to anyone else for a temporary period until the applicant does not buy it. 

Below are the conditions under which the applicant has to submit a dummy hotel booking for an Italian Schengen visa. 

Invitation From An Italian Citizen Or A Foreign Citizen Legally Residing In Italy

The Invitation Letter should indicate the duration of the applicant’s intended stay in Italy and the address and signature of the inviting person. The applicant should fill out the second application sheet and tick each field mentioned in the sheet.

If a close relative provides the invitation: a partner to whom the citizen of the EU got married by the legislation of the host state, ascendants and these of spouses and partners, descendants and these of spouses and partners, the documents should be submitted confirming the relationship, in the original + copy (birth certificates, marriage certificates). In case of changing the surname/s, supporting documents (marriage, divorce, name change certificates, etc).

The applicant can provide a scanned or facsimile copy of the invitation.

Reservation Of The Hotel/Proof Of Accommodation

The applicant has to submit proof of accommodation with the name, address and telephone number of the hotel, the period of stay, and the name and surname of each applicant.

If the applicant is planning to stay in several hotels, he has to provide booking of hotels for the entire stay at the time of submission of documents.

When booking online, please note the name and surname of all guests mentioned.

When The Applicant Books For The Trip From A Travel Agency:

Booking on the letterhead of the hotel or an invitation and a voucher from an Italian tour operator, with which the Russian agency co-operates.

The Following Information Is Mandatory:

  • name and surname of the applicant;
  • period of stay;
  • name, address and contacts of the host country.

If The Property Is Owned In Italy Or The Case Of A Property Lease:

The original and a copy of the contract of sale/ lease agreement in the name of the applicant requesting a visa:

  • copy of the sale or lease, a letter confirming that will provide housing to a specific person for a specific period
  • copy of the inviting person’s passport page with personal information and a copy of the inviting person’s Visa if this person is not an Italian citizen, and, in the case of a private lease, a copy of the lease holder’s passport (residence permit).

The applicant must show proof of residency in each Schengen Agreement country when he plans to travel to Italy. The Schengen embassy website has information about the Italian Schengen visa. Anyone applying for a visa who runs into trouble must ask the visa officer or carefully read the instructions on the website.

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