Brush Vs Comb, Which Is Better For Hair Health

admin March 10, 2023
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It has been debated over time whether brushing hair or combing the hair is better for hair health. There aren’t many studies that show which one is better when they are used. But with experience and expertise, we can suggest and follow certain practices by which we can maintain a healthy head of hair. This includes using a hair brush or a comb in the correct manner which can prove to be beneficial for the hair.

1.   Which is better: a hair brush or a comb?

It is not about which one is better for the hair – the brush or the comb. But rather it is mostly about who using them is going to be beneficial and good for the hair. There are multiple factors that dictate the functionality and benefit of either of the two.

2.   Using a brush for dry hair:

A brush is usually meant for use when handling dry hair. A brush with large gaps between the bristles is good to be used. A brush with narrow bristles can cause hair damage and wear and tear. A brush is also not a good tool for styling but for general brushing only.

3.   Using a comb for wet hair:

At the same time, it is advisable to use a comb when the hair is wet. A wide-toothed comb can be used to detangle knots and untangle tangled hair. Even the Combs which are not wide-toothed can cause harm if used on wet hair or dry hair.

Wet hair is vulnerable to damage as they are soft and easy to break after shampooing and conditioning. Brushing such hair with a hairbrush can lead to hair breakage and hair damage. Combining the hair in such a state is always advisable.

Whether one uses a brush or a comb to handle their hair, it is always preferable to use one that is made up of wood. Brushes made up of other materials such as plastic, etc cause a lot of hair damage and breakage. It can also cause irritation and inflammation in your head.

Similarly with Combs made up of plastic or other such materials, hair damage, and breakage is inevitable. Wooden Combs are most advisable to be used.

Such precautionary measures are extremely helpful as this will reduce friction in the hair while brushing or combing.

It is always about how one uses the tools for hair care rather than just using a comb or a hair brush. It is the fashion in which they are handled and the materials that they are made up of. 

4.   Are hair brushes and combs beneficial for hair?

Brushes and Combs both are very beneficial for your hair. Combs can be a very efficient detangling tool for your hair when wet, whereas brushes can be very efficient for dry hair and can be very helpful in removing residues from the hair and also giving a massage.

Combs can be better in comparison to brushes when styling your hair. Brushes do not allow the same position. When brushing your hair you should start from the bottom and all the way to the top. This will avoid breakage and detangle hair. You can brush in small sections and never pull your brush through a tangle. But rather brush your hair gently and slowly and work through all the tangles in your locks.

5.   A wide-toothed Hair Comb:

A wide-toothed comb can be used while you are detangling hair when it is wet. It can also help in getting rid of all the knots in your head. A brush is usually narrower than a comb and hence it is not recommended to be used on wet hair but it is supposed to be used on dry hair. Rather than brushing your hair, it is always recommended to comb it when it is wet especially if you have thick or curly hair. Wet hair is very vulnerable to damage and can be broken easily.

A wide-toothed comb is always recommended for wet hair. A brush is recommended for dry hair.

A brush or a comb made out of wood is much more recommended in comparison to other materials such as nylon, plastic, etc as they cause hair damage.

It is recommended to brush or comb your hair a couple of times during the day. Excessive combing or brushing of hair causes damage and broken hair.

It is the manner in which one uses the brush or the comb that affects the hair of the health. If one uses a comb or a brush that has very narrow bristles then damage is inevitable. Eugenix is one of the best hair restoration clinics in India. They aspire to bring excellent information to their patients. Hence it is important for us to impart the importance of using the brushes and Combs in a proper manner. It is always necessary to follow the instructions while combing or brushing your hair. This will lead to a healthy, strong, and wonderful lock of hair.

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