Bhlcane| Best Guideline for Growing Sugarcane in 2023

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Updated 2023/01/29 at 6:37 PM
Bhlcane| Best Guideline for Growing Sugarcane in 2023

bhlcane :

Bajaj Hindusthan Ltd (BHL) is a company that operates in the sugar industry in India. The company is part of the Bajaj Group and has a web portal called “bhlcane” which is designed for Indian sugarcane farmers. The portal provides farmers with information and resources related to sugarcane farming, including crop management, market prices, and government policies.

On the bhlcane portal, farmers can access a variety of information and resources related to sugarcane farming, including

Crop management: Information on best practices for planting, growing, and harvesting sugarcane, as well as tips on pest and disease control.

Market prices: Current market prices for sugarcane, as well as historical price data.

Government policies: Information on government policies and schemes that affect the sugarcane industry, such as subsidies, loan programs, and other financial assistance.

Other resources: Additional information such as weather forecasts, news, and events related to sugarcane farming.

It is a platform for farmers to track their crops and get the latest market prices and government policies and schemes. read more at TBM

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