Benefits of Free Mass Text Messaging Service and How to Use It in 2023

admin December 26, 2022
Updated 2022/12/26 at 3:20 PM

Every organisation must select the most efficient communication channel. Whether you’re attempting to raise awareness or promote a product or service, it works. 

Today, we have access to a wide range of communication channels, including social media, email, telemarketing, messaging applications, and more. 

However, out of all channels for marketing and communication, direct, one-on-one engagement is still the most favoured. Because it has a greater open rate than other modes, text messaging is still the standout for many organisations. 

The best way to manage sales and generate leads is through mass texting, which is text messaging. 

How Do You Mass Text? 

Bulk SMS, bulk texting, and text blasting are other terms for mass messaging. It facilitates the broad dissemination of a lot of information via text messages. 

You may send a large number of texts at once to a specific audience by using mass texting. Because of this, text messaging is still used by a number of industries to attract and keep clients, including banking, media, and the entertainment industry.

It’s difficult to dismiss the advantages of bulk text messaging services. We’ll go through five compelling arguments in this post for using a bulk texting service for your company. Additionally, we would share with you the top four cost-effective mass text messaging services that you may take advantage of. Let’s start now.

Advantages of Using a Mass Texting Service 

A lot of opens 

SMS marketing has the greatest open rate, at an astounding 98%, as I’ve already indicated. And that as well, often five seconds after receiving it. Comparing that to emails, which have a 20% open rate and often take 48 hours to be opened, is really outstanding. 

Additionally, emails have a tendency to be misplaced in spam folders. When given flyers at malls or restaurants, shoppers are more likely to toss them away. However, with the use of cellphones growing, text messages are virtually ever ignored. 

In order to reach the most number of your target audience, pick bulk messaging every time.


The cost-effectiveness of employing a mass SMS service is another key advantage. With its inexpensive setup and operating costs, you may easily establish and carry out a campaign even on a limited budget. In actuality, a lot of providers offer a free service for bulk SMS texting. In contrast, not every business can afford other types of promotion, such a Facebook advertisement or outdoor advertising like a newspaper or TV commercial. 

Therefore, a perfect option for any small- to medium-sized businesses is a mass SMS service. It not only offers a great return on investment but is also cost-effective.

Quickness and Adaptability 

Sending a text message just takes a few seconds. According to a survey, it takes the average individual 90 minutes to reply to an email. While the typical response time for text messages is 90 seconds. 

Therefore, it’s a fantastic medium for communicating anything that has to be done quickly. In advance of fresh arrivals, you might utilise it to increase foot traffic in your store on a day of clearance. 

Additionally, it enables you to send a small number of messages to a specific audience or thousands of SMS to a large list. A top-notch SMS marketing solution will also make it simple for you to tailor your text message to the requirements of your customers.

Speak to Many Demographics 

A broad population may be reached using SMS marketing. Nowadays, practically everyone is carrying a cell phone. You may thus reach out to everyone at once rather than only concentrating on one marketing plan centred on a certain segment of your audience. The best aspect is that you may tailor each recipient’s SMS and send it to them in a matter of seconds. 

Based on their purchasing history, geography, and other factors, you may tailor the SMS to them. It will cost you a fortune to try to get the same customization through other kinds of marketing. However, it is free to do so when sending bulk messages.

Highly Specific 

Text messaging is a great method to interact with your audience. Since SMS marketing relies on their consent, you already have a solid rapport with them. It implies that they are either a current or future customer of your business. 

Furthermore, it is common knowledge that selling to existing clients is simpler than finding new ones. You may thus employ the bulk text messaging service to target your current clientele. 

Let’s discuss how to employ mass messaging now that you are aware of its benefits.

Strong Open Rates 

As was already said, SMS messages are opened more frequently than emails. You may still inform target consumers about the existence of your company and your offerings even though not everyone who opens and reads your text message will take you up on your offer. Since the first stage of the marketing funnel is awareness, increasing people’s knowledge of your company will increase your chances of turning them into clients.

Adaptable Campaigns 

Marketing requires a great deal of customization, especially if you want to keep your current clientele. These people previously used your goods and services, and they anticipate that you know at least a little bit about them. If you treat your customers like first-time purchasers, how can you encourage client loyalty? 

You may reach several target audiences and even divide up a sizable group of people with a bulk texting service. You may simply tailor communications depending on your target audience’s requirements, wants, lifestyles, and other criteria by segmenting them. You will find it simple to send various text messages to prospective and current consumers as a result.

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