Al Qudra Lake : A Beautiful Human-Made Desert Oasis

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Locals and tourists alike are amazed by Dubai’s array of manmade creations. If you need an escape from your monotonous routine or have some extra time on hand, Al Qudra Lake Dubai is the ideal recreational spot. Residents of Dubai have become accustomed to visiting this desert oasis as a convenient escape from city life. Al Qudra Lake serves as an outdoor haven where they can unwind, stretch out, and spend quality time with friends and family.

Al Qudra Lake Packages

Al Qudra Lake Dubai

Al Qudra Lake, situated within Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve, is an artificial lake designed to promote eco-tourism in Dubai. This park consists of multiple artificial lakes surrounded by fauna and sand dunes for a truly desert experience. Al Qudra Lake’s authentic desert vibes, seclusion, and solitude made it a sought-after 2015 destination.

Al Qudra Lake Dubai offers visitors an idyllic landscape of beaches, bustling boulevards and outdoor attractions. Visitors can take in this serene atmosphere by participating in various outdoor activities.
Al Qudra Lake began as a camping area and quickly gained notoriety for being one of Dubai’s top BBQ spots. If you’re in the mood for some good ol’ barbecue fun, grab your grill and head down to Al Qudra Lake for an unforgettable BBQ night!

Al Qudra Lake Location

Al Qudra Lake Dubai

When planning to visit Al Qudra Lake, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Al Qudra Road (D63), situated less than an hour’s drive from Dubai, can be easily accessed via Dubai Al Ain Road (E66) or Emirates Road (E611).
With the plus code R9R2+2M Al Lisaili (located based on latitude and longitude, displayed as numbers and letters) you can quickly discover Al Qudra attractions on Google Maps with ease; each attraction is clearly labeled for easy location.

The city is working to construct a connecting road linking Al Qudra Lake dubai with other manmade recreation areas like Swan Lake, Love Lake and Flamingo Lake. The Saih Al-Dahal Road Improvement Project will create a dual carriageway stretching 11 kilometres in the area with three roundabouts, central reservation and two lanes for efficient transportation. With increased capacity from 1,800 cars to 4,000, getting from Dubai to Al Qudra Lake has never been simpler!

Things to Do at Al Qudra Lake Dubai

Planning a long weekend away with family and friends? Al Qudra Lake has plenty of activities that you and yours can enjoy together. Here is our list of must-try items!

Camp the Night Away Under the Stars

Al Qudra Lake Dubai

Al Qudra Lake is a top camping spot in the United Arab Emirates and an increasingly popular choice among campers. The dunes surrounding these artificial lakes make this area perfect for barbecues, stargazing and overnight camping. On weekends however, it can get busy so it’s best to come early or pitch your tent at Al Qudra East camping area or near Love Lake if you want a prime spot.

Camping at Al Qudra Lake in Dubai is a free outdoor activity. To fully enjoy it, be prepared with all necessary camping gear such as sleeping bags, tents and torches – which can be easily obtained at local shops in Dubai.

At Al Qudra Lake Dubai camping site, it is essential to follow the rules and clean up after yourself. Burnt charcoal residues can be hazardous for nature, particularly in and near the river.

Camping Location : Around 30 minutes from Dubai

Camping Hours of Operation: Open 24 Hours

Entry Fee for Al Qudra Lake

Entrance to Al Qudra Lake is free for everyone. However, certain activities like renting bikes may have additional charges at the vendor’s discretion.

Love Lake Al Qudra: Most Fascinating Attraction

Love Lake Dubai

Al Qudra Lake’s most intriguing attraction and newest addition is Love Lake. Consisting of two interlocking cores that create an impressive heart-shaped lake, its foliage surrounding the body spells out “Love”. Labeled one of Dubai’s greatest romantic spots, Love Lake Al Qudra opened in 2018 as a must-visit spot to enjoy its captivating beauty and unique layout.

Al Qudra Love Lake Dubai was designed with sustainability in mind, featuring biodegradable park benches and tissue boxes as well as bamboo and forest basins on the lake. Hadirah, or Hadirah Park, lies around the perimeter of Love Lake; here you’ll find picnic facilities like water supplies, barbecue stands, washrooms, and benches – all built with sustainable materials.

Jogging trails around Love Lake total a distance of 7 km. Surprisingly, the stones marking distance from the road are heart-shaped! Additionally, there are over 16,000 trees and plants within its borders; begonias grow on tree branches while shrubs feature heart-shaped forms.

Love Lake Al Qudra is decorated with heart motifs and signage to indicate the ideal spots for taking selfies. Running tracks, shaded areas, fire pits, and restrooms are all free-to-visit – making it one of the perfect budget-friendly date night spots!

Things to Do at Al Qudra Love Lake

Enjoy a walk or jog along the 7 km long path.
Take a leisurely walk across low areas of the lake.
Admire various migratory birds, fish and ducks as you pass by.
Light a fireplace to enjoy an unforgettable barbeque with family and friends.
Enjoy uninterrupted views of the sunset without city high towers interfering. Afterward, continue the night under stars and constellations.

Love Lake Al Qudra Timings: 24 Hours

Discover Dubai’s Wildlife

Al Qudra Lake Birds view

Al Qudra Desert boasts around 170 native bird and animal species, serving as a natural haven for wildlife. Al Qudra Lake in particular is an avid birdwatcher’s haven with numerous resident and migratory bird species such as black swans, flamingos, lapwings – or even the endangered Steppe Eagle or Asian Houbara! If you’re lucky, you might even spot black swans, flamingos, lapwings or steppe Eagle or Asian Houbara!

Keep an eye out as you travel and you might spot some of the larger native inhabitants along the way. If you’re particularly quiet, you could spot sand gazelles, desert foxes or even an elusive Arabian Oryx grazing or darting around. Please remember not to feed these animals since it is against the law and could result in a fine.

Cycle Your Way to Fun at Lake

Cycling is one of the most beloved hobbies in Al Qudra. With its 86 kilometre path that runs across it, cyclists from all backgrounds come together for an enjoyable activity. It’s not uncommon to see both amateurs and professionals pedalling through the dunes.

Al Qudra offers two cycling car parks: Al Qudra Cycling Car Park near Mira Oasis villas and Trek Bicycle Store in Seih Al Salam. Both offer ample parking. If you’re in need of bike rentals or cycle workshops near Al Qudra Lake area, Trek Bicycle Store is your go-to source. They provide a large selection of bikes and riding accessories to rent with restrooms and showers on site for added convenience.

The cost of bicycle rental varies based on its model and duration. All you need to do to rent one from the store is provide either an Emirates ID or passport.

Track Timings: Open 24 Hours

Trek Bicycle Store Hours of Operation: 5 PM to 11 PM and 4 PM to 10 PM

Al Qudra Lake’s Last Exit: Grab a Bite to Eat
After an active day at Al Qudra Lake, visitors can cool off by visiting The Last Exit in Al Qudra. Situated near the entrance, this area offers various dining options from food trucks to sit-down fast-food joints, sure to please any appetite. Don’t miss out on visiting Brass and Burger Pit too – both worth visiting!

Location : At the terminus of Al Qudra Road and on the fringes of Saih Al Salam Desert.

Timing: Open daily from 6 AM to 3 PM.

Things to Consider Before Traveling to Al Qudra Lake

  1. Al Qudra Lake is best visited between October and April.
  2. For safety, a 4-wheel drive vehicle is recommended as there could be some off-roading involved.
  3. Additionally, if you plan on flying drones in the park, make sure you have all necessary licenses with you.
  4. Use BBQ grills only at designated BBQ spots or spots designated for barbeques.
  5. High heels are not advised in certain parts of the park.
  6. Do not feed food to fish and birds at Al Qudra Lake.
  7. Dress warmly and comfortably when temperatures drop in Dubai’s desert during winter nights and late evenings.
  8. There are few toilet facilities located within a parking area.
  9. No littering is tolerated here; please bring disposable garbage bags to prevent environmental damage.
  10. Since there are no eateries around the lake, it’s best to bring your takeout food with you.


Al Qudra’s artificial lakes offer an oasis from the city life and should not be missed for outdoor lovers. Though certain restrictions apply for camping and barbecuing, this place has much more to offer – locals enjoy picnicking here, bird watching in the desert, as well as cycling through its trails.

Are you planning a romantic getaway for you and your beloved? Look no further than Love Lake Al Qudra for an idyllic weekend. From stargazing to taking a leisurely walk around its heart-shaped lake, watching the sun set over this man-made desert oasis, or simply escaping into nature at Al Qudra Lake Dubai – whatever suits your fancy!

Don’t wait any longer – mark your calendars for the upcoming long weekend and join friends and family at Al Qudra Lake, Dubai’s most iconic attraction, for an enjoyable day of sightseeing.

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