A most important feature of eCommerce store

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important feature of eCommerce store

E-commerce is the growing best retail online business in the world, where consumers see the poster of the item on social media and go to the relevant store where they buy the product of their choice. are friendly which is also considered to be a very good and essential aspect to use. 

People who have moved from offline to online businesses have seen how much they have increased their sales as if they were offline. Thousands were earning who are now earning crores from these lions because the world is now becoming a global village. also check benefits of fintech business

If you are running an online store, you can increase your sales by adding some modern features to it, which will also increase your income and you will be able to earn good profit. There is an important need for people to connect with each other and learn a lot to bring their business online.

Top feature of e-commerce store

As I said above, if you are offering an online store or any services to your users, then if you add more features for this, it will be beneficial for you, and more customers will come to your store. Something can be said about this, if you add some modern features to your store, then it will make a user feel good and it will be easy for them to buy something.

User-friendly navigation

The foundation for an online store is the trust of the visitor, which increases their trust further if you have made the store theme completely user-friendly, which will make it easy for your customers to buy something. 

There is such a problem that the traffic comes to your store, but most of the traffic leaves your store without buying anything, which makes it difficult for you to increase sales or the return rate is too high. Even if you are facing traffic jams, you should use a user-friendly navigation system to increase sales, which will help you solve more traffic jams and increase conversion rates.

Review and rating feature

Often this option is not available in the online store due to which the user sometimes tries to check other people’s ratings about the item, which he does not find, then returns without buying anything. goes away due to which the store interior finds it difficult to generate sales in 3 many difficulties. can also buy which will increase the conversion rate

Authentic Product Information

There is some information related to any item or product that the user must know before buying. Customers also visit the store who want to read the information about the product before buying some things. so that they know everything about this product, size, color, quality, material, location, origin, and manufacturer, the most important thing is the image that clears every doubt of the user. If such information that attracts the user towards you is not present in your store, then you must add them and start working fully.

Multiple payment options

If the user wants to buy a product after bringing it to the store, there should be many payment options that make it easy for them to pay, such as PayPal, Stripe, Credit Card and others options can be added. The payment method used by the customer at any store is PayPal, which is considered the most popular payment gateway in the whole world. 

The shopping card must have multiple payment options that allow you to The graph of people’s purchases in the store can go up and you will get huge profits. Some countries have cash-in-delivery options. It can be considered to generate more sales and make your brand famous among people

Footer Navigation

Footer To manage any website be it an online store or blogging or any business website, add an information section in the footer that will explain what product or service your store is about. Based on which products can be bought, you can also add two or four best-selling products of your store, which will help to attract any user towards you and promote your store. 

It should also have social media pages and a profile that includes product reviews, sales, navigation, reports, store history, founders, etc. This helps to attract more users to your business, including business service information. Include things like an email contact number or contact support

Refund and Return Policy

If you are running an online store, add a refund and product return or replacement policy to your store. This will make your customers have a good relationship with you because they will trust your store. It may also happen that the user has ordered another product if he wanted to take another product, then this matter is very important for your sales. If you do this, the customer will recommend you to his friends. In this way, the number of visitors to your store will increase day by day, then its sales will also start to increase.

Live tracking order 

Live Tracking is a feature that guides a customer’s order how long it will take for the product to reach you and where your product has reached so far, affecting your daily schedule. By adding such a system in every online store, you will be able to increase sales because the customer will continue to shop at your store until the product reaches him. Packaging, labeling, and shaping will also help in branding your store

Pushing notification 

Push notification is a feature that if installed will help in increasing sales. It works so that when a visitor enters the store, a small notification can be shown along with it, which the user can see. If you do, then every new product in your store will be communicated to your customers with the help of push notifications. In this way, you can increase your sales by almost 30% as long as the store is old and people trust it. Your quality and customer will also increase.


All these features are used by every big online store owner, which increases his sales by many times, that’s why this article is written for those who have a new store, even with a little traffic. How to use them, how to improve them, how to work, what features to add, what are the benefits, everything is tried to be covered in this article. Yes, I hope you will follow this and increase your sales and the sales of the new store

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