5 Ways to Check Your Home’s Foundation

admin January 22, 2023
Updated 2024/01/22 at 6:29 PM

When it comes to houses, homeowners rarely look at the foundation of their homes. They spent a lot of money renovating their living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathroom, and other important areas of the house. 

However, it’s important to also check the foundation for issues because small problems can become big and expensive if left unchecked. 

Therefore, you should look at the following ways to check your home’s foundation and fix up any issues. 

Foundation Walls

Since you’re checking out the foundation, you should start by taking a look at the actual foundation to see if it is showing any signs of trouble. 

To check the foundation, go around the outside of your house and look for Fixing Foundation Cracks in vertical, horizontal, or step shapes on the foundation walls. Then, you can check your basement and the foundation walls from the inside to check for the same thing. 

The Ground Around Your House

Another way to check foundation problems is to look at the ground around your house. When it rains or snows, the water Gutter Downspout Extensions needs to drain away from the foundation. That can only happen if the soil is sloping away from your house. 

If the ground is completely Crawl Space Encapsulation flat or sloped towards your house, then you should call a foundation repair service to take a look. There could be foundation damage from the water. 

Also, you should check out your gutters to check if they are placed properly to take the water away from the house. 

The Greenery Around Your House

Having greenery around your house can be amazing. The plants and trees make the property look better and also give you some fresh air. 

However, having plants and trees too close to your house can be damaging to the foundation. That’s because their roots may start to grow toward your house and hit the foundation walls. 

That’s why you should check the trees and plants around your house to make sure there is any damage to the foundation. Keep in mind, the roots can grow up to six times the size of the crown of the plant or tree. 

The Chimney

The chimney is another easy way to check for damages to the foundation of your house. Since the chimney is essentially a separate structure from the rest of our house, any changes in the foundation can damage the chimney. 

Chimney Repointing is one crucial maintenance task that can address these issues effectively. Repointing involves repairing the mortar joints between the bricks or stones in your chimney. It not only enhances the structural integrity of the chimney but also prevents water infiltration, ultimately protecting your home’s foundation from potential damage. Regular chimney maintenance is essential to ensure the overall stability and safety of your home. 

To properly check the chimney, you should look up at the structure and also from the outside. Try to see if the chimney is tilting or not. Even if the chimney is not titling, you can grab a flashlight and shine up the chimney to check for cracks. 

If the chimney looks like its sloping or there are cracks inside or outside of it, then you should consider hiring a foundation expert to take a look and handle any repairs immediately. 

The Doors and Windows

Other than the chimney, changes in the foundation of your home can cause alignment problems to the doors and the windows. But, how do you check their alignment?

You should check if any of the doors and windows aren’t opening or closing properly. That’s one of the dead giveaways. Other things Gap Between Wall And Floor you can check are damage to the lining of the doors and the space between the windows and the walls.

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