5 Best Residential Properties for Sale In Kolkata

admin February 1, 2023
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Whether you live in the northern, southern, eastern, or western part of Kolkata, a sentiment that’ll remain common is finding the perfect home for you and your family. It has to fit into your criteria of what constitutes a home, which to be frank, is more than a mere list of amenities. It’s a feeling. Of security, comfort, and happiness among a host of other things. So if you’re house hunting right now and chasing that feeling of home, you are in luck. Here’s a curated list of the 5 best residential properties for sale in Kolkata right now in which you could find your home sweet home.

The best properties for sale in Kolkata

1. Sanctorum

Where is it: Off Phool Bagan

What’s it about: Set conveniently in the middle of Phool Bagan and EM Bypass, Sanctorum is a sanctuary where you can be whoever you want to be. Each of its 63 premium homes has been crafted with utmost precision and perfection, so you can experience the true joy of living in luxury.

Why it should be your next home: Right off the bat, Sanctorum is a home that gives you way more than you could ask for. Filled to the brim with exciting amenities, it’s the perfect family home.

It truly offers something for everyone. You have the senior citizen area and the reflexology zone where your parents (or grandparents for that matter) can spend some time relaxing and connecting over a good conversation with like-minded peers.

There are also multiple play areas for your kids to laugh and learn. Your kids can take their pick from a rock climbing wall, indoor games room, outdoor play area, and multipurpose court to get in touch with their sporty side. Plus, there’s a kids’ pool too for some lazy, summer fun.

And if you’re in the mood for a good time, you can take a dip in the rooftop infinity pool that also has a Jacuzzi. Or you can find yourself enjoying a sundowner at the rooftop lounge with your best buds. All in all, you and your whole family will love living here.

2. Aagman

Where is it: BT Road, South Sinthi More

What’s it about: A boutique residential project with just 30 units, Aagman is a fusion of the traditional with the modern. Located in the cultural locality of Sinthi More, it gives growing families the flexibility of living in a modern complex without leaving their cherished neighborhood, their family, and their community.

Why it should be your next home: Most of North Kolkata is dotted with old-school buildings that now look run down and do not provide modern-day amenities. However, many of its residents are unwilling to move to a new locality in the fear of leaving their community behind. If you’re that kind too, Aagman is just the home for you.

Not only is it a modern and cozy complex built by well-known residential property developers, but it also gives you the chance to stay rooted and connected to your community.

Every facet of Aagman has been designed to present you with new joys and conveniences you’ve never had before.

3. Tattvam

Where is it: Manicktala (Bagmari)

What’s it about: A modern-day high-rise with 18 stories to boast of, Tattvam presents resort living in the heart of a busy thoroughfare. It’s a well-planned home that lets you escape the worries of the day by presenting you with great views and greater amenities.

Why it should be your next home: A home should feel like no less than a slice of paradise and that’s exactly what Tattvam is. Featuring more amenities than you can count, you will find yourself truly spoilt for choice here. Whether it’s relaxing your senses in the steam and spa room or enjoying an exhilarating match at the multipurpose court.

What makes Tattvam more of a winner is the excellent location it’s set in. Literally, in the center of a vibrant, thriving city, everything is close by when you’re living here. If you’re a resident of North Kolkata, Tattvam should be high on your list of potential homes.

4. Narayani

Where is it: Off Lansdowne?

What’s it about: A luxury 3-4 BHK complex and an initiative of prominent real estate builders in the city, housing just 2 apartments per floor, Narayani lets you enjoy the best of both worlds – be it the tranquility of privacy or the buzz of city life.

Why it should be your next home: If you want to live in one of the most happening addresses of the city, Narayani is the ‘IT’ home. Its Lansdowne location is enviable as it gives residents access to some of the buzz worthy spots in town – from fancy eateries to designer stores and art galleries and more.

Narayani will also be the perfect home for you if you’re someone who values privacy and being a part of a tight-knit community. Living with like-minded people is a reality at Narayani. Plus, you get spacious well-planned homes, a community, and a rooftop garden to soak in the little pleasures of life.

5. Samskara

Where is it: Ballygunge Place?

What’s it about: An earth-friendly home with a green spirit, Samskara is an environmentally conscious spin on luxury living. Designed by a leading architect of the city, a comfortable and happy life can be yours in any one of Samskar’s 3.5 or 4 BHK apartments.

Why it should be your next home: There’s no doubt this is a fashionable neighbourhood one would love to be a part of. But what makes Samskara even more appealing is its eco-friendly foundation. An IGBC-certified green project, Samskara is a great choice for the conscious consumer. It amalgamates the local flora and fauna in its design so you can harmoniously coexist with the nature around you. No matter which of these residential properties for sale in Kolkata you choose, one thing is for sure – you are going to love your new home. Each of these residential complexes has something to offer above the promise of good quality and a lifestyle-changing experience.

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