10 Logo Design Template Types for Online Businesses

admin August 18, 2022
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Logo Design
Logo Design

Designing a logo isn’t a mere drawing on paper or your computer screen. It takes time to yield a phenomenal symbol that represents your online business. So, you better be on! Start gathering knowledge about your business. Also, understand its corners and cores as well as variations it can tap along the way. You never know what spectacular elements you can come across to help you devise a mesmerizing brand symbol. But remember, it all boils down to a suitable logo template. Be sure to pick the one that compliments your business model.

Moreover, you can learn a lot from big brands. See how their brand badges evolved in the fullness of time. What do they look like in the past in contrast to their present versions? – do your investigation to uncover rich information. Besides, if you don’t even have the elementary skills to design one yourself, hiring a custom logo design company can help. Meanwhile, below are the top ten templates for logos you can choose from:

1. Wordmark Templates

These are also known as ‘logotypes’ since they’re the most basic business symbol versions. Surprisingly, they include no fancy image or element. It is why startups prefer using these as their first logo try-outs. After all, the wordmark logo is the foundation of every logo template and style out there.

For generations, this has been the favorite brand sign among the masses. It is the primary reason every creative logo design maker begins their journey by practicing these logos. Wordmarks are pure alphabetical representations of businesses.

Don’t forget to shuffle between your lettering flairs, using classic fonts available in colossal diversity. These typographic fonts are commonly used to create exceptional wordmark logo designs. You can also include the initials of your brand name if it consists of multiple words. Remember that illuminating textual hints in a wordmark logo leave long-lasting impressions on viewers’ minds.

2. Pictorial Templates

As the name suggests, these logos include a big BOLD picture in front. Though they don’t contain any text, the imagery signifies the letters hidden behind the screens. Pictorial brand symbols indeed are pretty cool and breathtaking. Also, these look utterly professional and captivatingly peculiar compared to other logo formats. Apple, Target, Twitter, and Shell symbols are popular pictorial logo examples.

3. Lettermark/Monogram Templates

These might seem texts at first glance, but you get a twist and roll of the eyes as an aftertaste. Yes, you heard it right. These logos with letterings comes with unique styles and poises to attract customers. Besides, lettermarks look more consoling and genuine to the onlookers. They aren’t like those complex miniature trademark signs that seem like riddles/tongue twisters. Gucci, HP, Chanel, WordPress, and Louis Vuitton are excellent emblem logo examples.

4. Emblem Templates

These are more like badges that contain the prominent representing figure or symbol of your business. Indeed, emblems are the most sought-after logo by entrepreneurs and big companies nowadays. We can assume that these logo layouts devote all the critical elements of your business to the box. Famous Emblem logos are McDonald’s, Starbucks, Warner Bros, NFL, and many others.

5. Combination Marks Templates

Nike, Lacoste, Burger King, Doritos, Puma, and Starbucks are excellent brand examples with combination marks. This logo template style is a mixture of wordmarks, pictorials, abstracts, and mascots in the most subtle ways possible. Surprisingly, combination marks are versatile and symbolic even with their straightforward designs.

6. Mascots

These carefree fluffy costume-draped figures also signify your business model, showing its potential. Also, mascots are a great way to establish an accurate picture of your business. These symbols depict different traits customers can expect from your brand. Most mascot logo designs are for sports clubs, travel agencies, video game developers, etc.

7. Abstract Art Templates

Use anything that inspires your brand or business to create these label marks. However, make sure that these subtle cues and spontaneous imagination sparks catch your attention. You can use surrounding signals, elements, and creative catalysts to make a strong impression on your customers. Abstract logo designs have the ability to captivate your target audience’s attention. Furthermore, these clever designs entice customers to investigate your brand even if they don’t mean business.

8. Doodle templates

These types of logo layouts are like children’s drawings. They look remarkably raw, defining, and above-bar genuine. That’s why many startups love candid artwork as their brand symbols. Besides, these carefree funky brand trademarks are becoming trendier day by day. All the credit goes to the social media craze and increased naivety among social media influencers.

9. Cinematic templates

Make a logo that looks dramatically theatrical. Besides, who doesn’t like watching an epic movie trailer on YouTube? Of course, everyone loves watching these pre-movie boosters. This help add hope to the minds of moviegoers amid rising above their expectations.

Hence, you should hire a logo maker that knows how to unveil a breathtaking reveal of your logo in front of audiences. It’s like putting a movie scene inside your company’s crown. Furthermore, it appears thrilling and worthwhile to try at least once. As a matter of fact, customers are more likely to visit a website with a theatrical logo than a site with a stationary logo design. Therefore, add eye-catching cinematic scores to your brand’s logo.

10. Animated Templates

Creating graphics designs for your company’s logos can tip the scales in your favor. Furthermore, people look for futuristic feels and touches in everything they see on the internet. They understand that anything that appears lively and trendy quickly catches the attention of others.

 As a result, they seek artists who can create cutting-edge logo design models for their online brand. People prefer animated logo designs to static symbols. As a result, include animations in logo designs that correctly depict your company.

Final Thoughts

Henceforth, it is crucial to incorporate your entire business into a splendid logo design. You must spend a few extra dollars to make it more appealing to your customers. As a result, solid business knowledge is required to rebound elements into an eloquent logo design layout. If your logo is stunning, prepare to enjoy cash and profits around the clock.

As a result, be patient as your logo design reaches its full trajectory potential. Make sure you have the skills or hire a professional symbol maker with exceptional abilities. After that, your logo serves as the crest of your online company. Indeed, it’s hard to fathom how much value it adds to your brand. Remember to select a business logo template that is best suited for your brand.

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