10 Latest Trends in Software Security Testing Services Everyone Must Know

admin November 22, 2022
Updated 2022/11/22 at 3:03 PM

In the latest period, technological advancements have affected companies in various industry verticals. Software development is one of the main sectors that has grown greatly, especially in the IT industry. Related to that, web application security testing and other such testing practices have seen improvements and increased attention.

Several trends relate directly to software security testing. Here, let’s discuss what they are.

1.     AI-based testing

One of the notable trends that are growing popular is the use of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) practices for different levels of evaluation. Here, the testing experts use AI solutions, tools, and protocols to check the quality of an app’s performance.

Multiple testing algorithms are available with AI technology support and use predictive analysis methods for better evaluation and identification of issues. Users get detailed test data and reports and quickly identify high-risk security problem areas. This contributes to the increased popularity of AI-based solutions and makes it a strong trend in this field.

2.     Codeless automation

The experts that provide application security testing servicescan also work with codeless automation protocols to improve their environment. For quick completion of complex testing processes in short periods, with limited errors.

The AI-incorporated software solution and tools run quick tests, decreasing overall time spent on different tasks. Experts can also have more resources left over for software security testing services.

3.     Regression Testing

This is one type of software testing useful during new updates of existing web solutions. The developers at any top security testing services company handle this testing type when new features are introduced into the software. This practice is one of the top trends in software testing in general as it entails an overall comprehensive software verification process.

4.     Mobile Test Automation

Another popular trend to consider is mobile application security testingusing automation support. With so much demand for mobile app optimization, mobile testing automation is an important toolchain part of mobile testing and security work.

Since industries are focusing on using and building smart apps due to the increased customer demands in this vertical, automation-based mobile app security testing will grow further popular.

5.     DevOps/Agile

One of the leading technologies related to app development is DevOps. Therefore, it is noticeably being used more in in-app testing processes. With agile methodology support, developers can expect to deliver high-quality and focused output while adapting to changing environments.

6.     Performance Engineering

Customer experience is one of the primary concerns that professionals in any security testing companyprioritize. Currently, platforms that can support multiple apps are growing. It is important to ensure a high-quality performance value of your apps to make them stand out.

Smaller development cycles, faster adaptability, and consistent/quick releases make the solution the best option. Companies are focusing on performance engineering primarily to improve user experience with sites/apps later.

7.     Focus on Big Data and IoT testing

In the tech-savvy landscape today, IoT is constantly advancing. The influence of big data is noticeable in the field of security testing services as well. Namely, companies are focusing on IoT security testing. With the growing IoT apps in the market, the focus on big data for software security assures data integrity and performance matters as well.

The IoT-based solutions can analyze the varied data available after overall generation and gather insights from it to plan necessary data security improvements.

8.     Scriptless Test Automation

Another noticeable trend related to software security testing servicespotentially evolving further is scriptless test automation. With this, developers can quickly release and deliver high-quality software solutions, accelerating the overall testing sequences that regular test automation protocols assure with application security testing.

Business users and testers can automate the overall testing processes by dropping excessive codework steps. For beginners or non-technical business experts, this assures the benefits of the test automation process while removing the difficult coding part.

9.     Audio/Video testing

For companies working remotely during their software management, development, and testing phases, audio/video testing streamlines communication and collaboration better. Application security testing companies have focused on this type of security testing recently. This approach will likely trend more heavily in the global IT market in the future.

10. Blockchain-based testing

Like web security testing, experts are focusing on blockchain testing currently, especially with the growing interest in cryptocurrency. Testing experts are running protocols and testing sequences to improve the encryption quality in the blockchain environment. With these improvements, business and IT professionals can guarantee better transactional safety with cryptocurrency. 


Software testing and maintenance are highly important for companies to deliver error-free solutions to clients. Better performance quality, increased output, and excellent security conditions drive traffic, engagement, and conversions. In that matter, the trends mentioned above have improved security evaluation systems highly.

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